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Just Do!

Blog 175

October 2, 2020

Just Do! The Fall Season has come upon us! What better time than now to just do!

Just do your Fall cleaning out. Just do your Fall cleaning up. Just do your Diet Plan. Just do your Exercise plan. Just do your Planning. Just Do what you said you were gonna do last Fall!

We are all procrastinators when it comes to doing what is best for us! Why do we always put off that important To Do list every year? Why do we always not complete what we started? Why do we always delay getting to that To Do list and acting on it?

Because if we know something is good for us, we always think that it’s really hard to start and then finish what we start. Making changes can be really hard when we don’t know what to expect once we start. The old saying “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” comes into our minds. But if we don’t just do the changes, then nothing will ever change. The broken pieces will remain broken, and they will just keep getting bigger and bigger, until they won’t fit where they should belong anymore.

Doing the same thing every day and expecting changes and different results is just plain stupid. I mean really, haven’t we all been through enough in our lives to know, that nothing ever stays the same? That we need to make changes to get any positive results? That if we don’t just do the work, we won’t ever see any real results?

Stop trying to talk yourself out of what you know is the best thing for you to do to clean up your own stuff.

Just do it already! Before it’s too late. Before another First day of Fall comes and goes, and we wonder what the heck ever happened to that “To do list” I started years ago.

Now we have to add a bunch more stuff to the list! What started out small, has become overwhelming. Why do we do this to ourselves?

It’s time to take a stand with ourselves and others, and just say today is the day that I am going to just DO IT ALL! No more slacking off. No more procrastinating, no more, well just NO MORE!

Just Do It Already! We’ve got nothing to lose, don’t give up, do not wait another minute to do all of your Fall cleaning up. Remember, Autumn is the perfect time of the year to just let things go.

Move forward, don’t fall back, and Just Do…

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