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Let's talk about non-scale victories!

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March 25, 2022

Let’s talk about non-scale victories!

Victory is more than just what the scale shows. Yes, we are all so delighted when the scale is in our favor. But what about some of those victories the scale does not show us?

Let's Name just a few…

· Saving money – No more or very little eating out all those unhealthy and expensive meals.

· Work gets a lot easier – When your body gets the right nutrients it needs and deserves, your cognitive functions will improve, making the stress of work easier to handle.

· Has your social life improved dramatically? – You feel less self-conscience with the way you look and feel and can relax and enjoy getting off of that couch and socializing with your friends and family again.

· Food starts to taste better - Food might taste bland at first, but down the road everything tastes much, much better.

· Better organizational skills – Logging in every day, counting calories and logging exercise making better use of your time, helps keep you more organized in other aspects of your daily life.

· You get to learn new recipes – And develop new cooking skills.

· No more fear of Doctors Appointments – Your numbers are fabulous! You go! You feel so much better, and it shows in your numbers with your doctor.

· Reduced need for prescription medications – Speaking of Doctors - Better overall health means reduced need for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, or mental health medications. That’s a win for sure!

· Enjoying new activities -The benefits of weight loss aren’t restricted to physical health alone. Losing weight opens up a new world of activities that were previously impossible: amusement parks, swimming, hiking, etc.

· Clothes Shopping - No more searching for shapeless clothing in the largest size. Who doesn’t appreciate that!

· Helping Others – What a great feeling! You can be an inspiration to others who are struggling! Wowza!

Non-scale victories! Winner, Winner!

There are so many victories you can share with the world that the scale does not show. Start your journey today and show off your own victories!

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