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Time for Plan "C"!

Blog #248

September 30, 2022

Time for Plan “C”?

O.K. So your plans A & B didn’t work. This is your last chance to make it work!

Time to put plan C into action and be successful in your weight loss/health happiness journey! You only have one life, one body to live in – let’s make this time around count! No more excuses, no more failures, no more stress!

Let’s do this!

So, Do what, exactly? What is your Plan “C”? What can you do differently this time around that you didn’t already try with plan A & B? What’s left you ask?

What haven’t you tried yet? Have you exhausted all of your ideas and goals and plans? I bet you haven’t, you just wanna give up, because nothing is working, right?

Well don’t do it just yet! Your health is important and to maintain great health, you need to still lose that weight, don’t you? You haven’t reached your goal yet, so no more excuses. The scale does not lie, you do. What have you been doing wrong? What have you been doing right? Are you at a crossroads or standstill with all of your efforts? Do you feel like you keep going down the same path? Going in circles and never making any changes?

So, are you going to switch directions this time, and make it work? I hope you choose to do so!


Let’s re-focus on what you may have been doing wrong, instead of what you think you were doing right.

Can you answer these questions?

1. Have you been counting your daily caloric intake?

2. Have you joined a weight loss tracker App – to count calories and exercise?

3. Have you cut back on the amount of Carbs and Sugar you have been eating?

4. Have you started exercising, or if so, have you increased the amount that you do? Walking 2 miles instead of 1 mile? Exercising more than 20 minutes each day or at least 3 times a week?

5. Have you joined a weight loss class to help you?

6. Have you truly focused mentally on your goals?

7. Are you planning your meals?

8. Have you been eating the right portions?

9. Are you snacking more than usual?

10. Have you tuned in to yourself and perhaps gotten outside help for your mental well-being?

If you have answered “NO” to even just one of these questions, then you need to really work on fixing the problem and turn it into your Plan C action.

If you think you were doing everything right, and still not losing weight, try these tips:

1. Reduce the number of calories you are taking in. Remember, you need to burn 3,500 calories more than you take in to lose one pound of weight. This translates into a reduction of 500 calories per day to lose one pound in a week, or a reduction of 1,000 calories per day to lose two pounds in a week.

2. Ramp up your exercising! Walk more, swim more, run more, etc.

3. Change your diet. Cut back more on carbs and sugar and focus on eating more protein. Remember carbs turn into sugar. So, watch this intake very carefully if you want to keep on losing weight.

4. Talk to someone who can be your cheerleader and give you advice. Join a weight loss group – it will help you to talk it out with fellow people who are going through the same stuff as you are.

5. See a psychiatrist who can help you focus on your mental well-being. A great well-being means a great physical well-being!

6. Drink more Water!

7. Start out with high protein in the AM to get you going for the day!

8. Try a new hobby to keep your mind occupied and not thinking about snacks.

9. Try to find yourself some new rewards when you are successful or if you are bored, so you don’t turn to food.

10. Weigh yourself weekly to keep on track.

Take a chance to make a change!

Plan C will work if you let it. What else have you got to lose? Don’t be discouraged. You may even be at a plateau on your journey right now. Don’t give up, let your body adjust and try plan C to get you back on track.

You’ve got this! I know you can make it work! You are strong!

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