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What does it feel like to lose over 100 pounds?

Blog #254

What does it feel like to lose over 100 pounds?

I have often been asked that question – my response?


Freedom to walk a distance without losing my breath. Freedom to fit on airline seats comfortably and have the seatbelt fit without an extender.

Freedom to ride a bike again over the age of 50. Freedom to do so many things I have been wanting to do for so long, but was unable to do, because of my bodies weight restrictions.

I still have more weight to lose, and my health happiness journey will always continue, but for now reaching this milestone of a goal – has been truly “enlightening” – literally speaking!

I just never realized being in such an overweight body how exactly my limitations were for me.

Realizing how much of a “couch potato” I had become, I know now I never want to be that person again.

All my aches and pains and “Do not want to Dos” simply went away. Oh, they did not go away overnight, and it took a long time to move those “Don’t want to do it” feelings out of my head and into an action plan.

But now, looking back and looking forward – I am so excited and relieved to be able to live my life again, the way that I want too, not by the way that I had to, because of my bodies restrictions of being overweight. Or as my health records always stated “Obese, well-developed female.”

God, I hated hearing those words and seeing it written every time I went to the doctors! Stepping on the scale was my worst nightmare!

Now, I look forward to stepping on it. Don’t get me wrong, the scale does not move downwards every time I step on it – but at least it is not moving back upwards. I have also been at a stale mate in losing any weight at times – that is the worst feeling ever! You constantly think what am I doing wrong? What can I do differently? Why is the scale still not moving downwards?

I still have weight to lose and being at a stalemate is very frustrating! But I have that goal to look forward to, and I will keep on pushing on – until I achieve my true health happiness. Once I get there, I am never going backwards. Life has so much to offer as a healthier, happier person than you can ever imagine.

So, what have you got to lose than to just persevere and move forward.

It is never too late at any age to reach your goals!

If I can do it, so can you! All it takes is the word “Freedom” and you are on your way to success and to a healthier rest of your life! We only have one body to live in, so let’s make it the best body ever!

Freedom at last, no matter how long it takes!

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