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You are in the process of becoming your Best Self!

Blog #277

Don't stop moving forward now! You got this!

Don't let yourself fall back into your same old patterns. Don't get too comfortable in becoming the new you that you start to slack off!

Many of us get feeling so confident and comfortable on our weight loss, health happiness journeys, that we start to stray off our path a bit. We justify the feeling to ourselves that just that one snack, or huge meal, or two pieces of cake that we are eating as rewards for doing so well. Our mindset tells us yet again, we are doing so well, that just another piece of cake will not hurt us or ruin our plans. But very quickly that second piece of cake, or snack can turn into another every day occurrence.

We then struggle to find our way back to where we were just a week or month ago.

It gets even harder to move forward again if we get too comfortable. Don't let yourself slip to the way side. We already went through our struggles. We already found our path to our health happiness. We need to stay on that same path forever. Not just until we lose the weight we want, or find our healing. Not just for that moment we made our goal, for a day, for a week, for a month, or even for a year, but we need to maintain our health happiness forever!

It is a life-long commitment we have made to ourselves, to never turn back to the way we used to be. The unhealthy version of ourselves is no longer. We are stronger than ever before. We have become the best version of ourselves and it shows. Let's not make the struggles we endured to get to this point become worthless.

We needed all of those struggles to get to this point in our lives to become healthy and active again. Let's not get too cocky and revert backwards. We are on our path to our forever best self. Lets stay that way! Let's move forward in positive ways and stay on our journey.

Let's keep this version of ourselves the best version ever! Never give up!

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