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You Look Good!

Blog 145

March 6, 2020

Be honest with yourself on how you are feeling about yourself. If you think you don’t look good, then it is time to take a reality check with how you are feeling and do something about it! Not just for your outside appearance but for your inside appearance. Are you feeling healthy outside and inside? If not, time to do something about it!

Don’t let the mirror deceive you.

Just because you look good on the outside doesn’t mean you are healthy, or that your insides look good. I was “pre-diabetic” for a few years. Sure, I thought I looked good on the outside. I was overweight, but I took care of my outside appearance. I never thought that my insides would become unhealthy. I never thought I would actually become a diabetic! But unfortunately, the numbers and the scale didn’t lie. My insides definitely did not look good, and I definitely did not feel good either.

Time for my wake-up call. I wanted my whole body and mind to look good and feel good again. Not just my appearance, but how my whole body felt!

Time to stop hiding and covering up! It was time I got really honest with myself and started doing something about my health.

So, I decided to change my whole diet, to set up an exercise plan for myself, and to start making better choices. Writing down my plan with my goals was the first step! As soon as I started writing down what I really wanted to do to become healthy again, it was such a relief! Seeing my own words written instead of looking in the mirror, really felt like I was making the right decision and choices!

Getting my whole family on board with these changes was my next step. I didn’t only want myself to become healthy and complete, I wanted my own family to take this journey with me! Setting small goals for myself really started to work.

One day at a time, was all it took to get me going. Establishing a routine and making healthier meals became my way of life. It didn’t take me long to start feeling amazing! The weight was coming off, but most importantly my numbers were beginning to improve big time! Becoming healthier never felt so good and looking in that mirror once again was a joy! Not because of my outside appearance, but because of the smile on my face knowing how good I actually felt. Good about my ambitions and motivations returning, good about myself because I could actually go for long walks and not get tired and worn out. Good because of what I was eating actually made me feel good and not worn out and tired! My energy was returning. My days turned into weeks that turned into months, and I kept on track with my own health happiness journey!

I let my inner body health explode with so much good stuff, I promised myself I would never look in that mirror with disappointment, dread and longing again!

The mirror was there right in front of me saying “You Never Looked So Good”.

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