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Losing Weight Over 50! You go girl!

Losing weight over 50! You go girl!

Turning older at any age for a person overweight gets harder every year. But the older we get, the harder it is to lose weight, the more restrictions are on our bodies, arthritis may even begin to settle in, our willpower and attitude may begin to fade and we feel like what's the point at this age in our lives?

The struggle is real, the course is long, and the game is a hard one to master. But if we just take one step at a time, take the road less traveled, spin that dice, not knowing what will turn up, then we can focus on our attitudes. We don't need to focus on becoming another year older, but instead focus our mindset on looking forward to another year older, embracing the changes we are making to our bodies.

That first little step needs to be on changing our eating habits. Start a new meal plan that incorporates little changes at a time. Remember, we are not starting a new diet, we are starting a new life plan. So the smaller steps we take at the beginning of the path, the longer the path we can travel with healthy, happy changes to our eating habits.

Incorporate non-processed foods, cut back on sugar and carbohydrates, add some nice fresh vegetables and fruits to your meal plan. Start growing a mini-garden in your back yard. Plant some fresh herbs in a flower box. Anything to help and encourage you that fresh is better!

Try to make one change a week into your meal plan. It is true that if you eliminate, or cut back on one thing for two weeks, you begin to not miss that one thing or crave it. I did it! I cut back on sugar and stopped eating so many carbs, at the end of two weeks, I did not crave or want those things. After a month, the craving and need was completely gone! Seventeen years of not focusing on healthy eating, I finally got it right! You can too!

So when that next year comes around, we will be ready, we will be strong, we will be alive and we will be one step closer to becoming healthy and fit!

Onward bound all you goddesses out there, onward bound! You go Girl!

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