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When Less is More - Part IV (final) Tips to stay on track for your own #HealthHappiness

Updated: Jan 4


When Less Is More… (Part IV)

Tips to stay on track for your own #HealthHappiness PART IV (The Last)

Whether this is your first day of your health happiness journey, or your 50th day, the journey is the same. How you get there is more important than when you get there. What you learn along the way about yourself, where you have been, and where you are going is the most success you can give yourself. So, go ahead, give yourself a huge pat on your back for making it this far already!

If you still need more motivation and inspiration, then here are some more tips (part IV) that you may have never thought of or tried before, (or did and tried and need a reminder) and that will inspire you to stay on track, to try new things, and to give yourself a fresh, clean, new start:

16. Download a weight-loss/fitness tracker App or program.

I use “my fitness pal” created by Under-Armour for tracking my daily caloric and nutrients intake and for keeping track of my daily exercise I am doing. There are other apps and programs you can find to use of course, but I like my fitness pal, it works well for me and my lifestyle. I log in everyday what I eat during the day and my daily exercise. It keeps track of the calories and nutrients I am eating every day, and gives me the number of calories I am burning with my exercises each day.

It keeps me on track with my weight loss, my goals, and exercising. It will even tell me what I would weigh in a week if I ate the same calories each week. You can also put in a recipe link, and it calculates the calories and nutrients per serving for you.

Whatever tracker you find for yourself, remember to be consistent and log-in every day. Of course, you can do “old-fashioned” journaling as well. Whatever tool you use, consistency and effort are the key to success!

17. Change your Environment when you are stressed or bored out of your mind.

It is so important when you are stressed out or bored during the day, to recognize this and choose a distraction. Listen to music, go for a walk, or chat with a friend to distract yourself from over-eating or grabbing that unhealthy snack.

Remember, you can’t eat just one potato chip when you are distressed or bored, you will most likely want to eat the whole bag! Find what distraction works the best to help you relax and “de-stress”. Remove yourself from the situation you are in that is causing you stress or boredom. Go to another room in your house (not the kitchen!) bring a book and read or phone your friend and get yourself distracted! Take a walk around your office. Turn on your “Amazon Dot”, or music device and blare out that music!

I turn on my 70’s,80’s and 90’s music no matter what room I am in and get down to the music! Dancing is a plus, it distracts your mind and gives you some more movement of your body during the day! If you want to sing along – go for it!

Remember - “Music is the Soul Food Fest for your mind”!

18. Plan your meals for the week.

At the beginning of every week, before you go grocery shopping, plan your meals for the week. You can relax during the week, and not have to worry about what to fix if they are planned out ahead of time. Your grocery list will be so much easier to create when you know what you want to put on it! You will have made healthy choices for your meals for you and your family, and you will stay on track with your weight loss.

**hint** Create your shopping list based on the store that you do most of your shopping in. Divide and conquer your list into the sections of the store where the items are located. You will be in and out of the store in no time flat! Your shopping experience won’t feel so much like a chore, but an adventure!

Divide up your list to your shopping companions, and make your time in the store that much less!

19. Keep the “Good Stuff” in plain sight. (First in Sight, First in Mouth)!

If you keep your good healthy snacks out in plain sight, you will more likely grab for the good stuff versus the unhealthy snacks! Keep your fruit in a bowl on your counter (be mindful of their freshness) so that you see them right away. If you like them chilled, then keep them in the front on your shelf in the refrigerator. Keep your healthy snacks (nuts, protein bars, veggie snacks) in a basket or bowl on your counter or in front of the cabinet you are into the most. If you can see them right away, you will grab them first! Remember – First in Sight, First in Mouth!

And my last tip, but certainly not the least:

20. Make your Mental Health your top priority!

Getting and keeping your “Mind” fit and healthy is the key to keeping your whole body and spirit in line while you are on your health happiness journey. Your journey starts from the top and works its way down through your body. You need to have your mind in the right place to start with. The rest of your body will follow suit towards achieving and keeping your health and fitness goals as soon as your mind is healed and ready to go!

Meditation and relaxation are great tools to achieve your inspiration. Yoga is one of those great tools to help you relax and keep your mind focused. Once you have reached your mind health happiness, the rest of your body will fall right in line, and you will have life-time results you can keep and easily maintain for the rest of your future.

I hope you have found these 20 tips (parts I thru IV) helpful, motivating, and inspirational! I wish you the best of luck in utilizing them into your everyday health happiness journeys, because You deserve it.

Stay tuned for more good stuff because you want to, and because you need to -

Take care of YOU, because YOU are so worth it!

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