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Find Your Own Island

…Find your own Island!

Feeling crowded on your own health happiness journey? Do you just want some time alone to find yourself? To figure out who you want to be? Are you being cramped out by everyone around you? Are you tired of unwanted support? Time for you to take a much needed “TIME OUT”! Finding your own island sounds like just what you need!

Some days, you just want to say “WTH” is wrong with everyone? Is it just “ME”, or has everyone lost their minds? It’s O.K. to take a break from everyone and everything occasionally. There is no “golden rule” as to when or how long you take that break! The point is, to just take it! Go to your own island for an hour, a day, a week, or a month! Just get there and stay for a while.

It is so important to take these breaks from our every day lives. We can get so caught up in living that we forget how to live in the first place!

Making bad decisions on your health happiness journeys? Eating chocolate two days in a row? Not exercising for a whole freakin week? Wanting to eat that whole damn chocolate birthday cake yourself? These thoughts and actions are perfectly normal to be feeling. Especially if you have been on your journey for a while, and you are stuck in the middle and feeling overwhelmed!

When am I ever going to get these 100 lbs. off my body once and for all! It has been almost a year, and I am only half-way there! Do I want to give-up and give-in???? YES! ………. Well, NO!!!

Give yourself a mental and physical break! Take a trip to that island and just relax, chill out and take a rest for a while! It’s OK – you can do it – no one will be hurt by it, and no one will blame you! The only person who will be hurt, if you don’t slowdown is YOU!

Your journey is not a quick fix, it is a lifetime fix. It has taken a lot of your life time to get here, so it’s not going to happen overnight to reach all of your goals that you want to reach! Your journey, once you relax and figure it out, is never going to be over. It will take all of your life time to maintain. Each day is just a new beginning! Embrace the New You – and embrace the progress and successes you have made along the way. It only gets better from here on out!

Finding your own island has never been more important in your life than right now on your journey!

Take the time and find yours today – you’ll be glad you did, and so will everyone else!

Find your own Island today and just stay for a bit…

(You'll be glad you did! I pinky swear!)

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