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Taking a vacation from life...

Need to take a vacation from life?

So true! We all need a little escape every now and then, for our own sanity! To escape all the rush and loud rhythm of everyday living.

From our jobs, from our families, from our friends, we all need a little break! We can get so caught up of trying to make a living every day, pleasing everyone, getting everything done in one day, that we just forget to live our lives!

Slow Down people! Life is not about how fast you get to your goals, but what you do along the way to achieve and keep them!

Find a little quiet in your day to appreciate what you have been given, the successes and failures you have made along the way and just to breathe in all of that fresh air!

...Just Breathe …

Can you find just 10 minutes out of your day to relax and clear you mind? Having a quiet time to yourself is so beneficial to your every day life, how can you resist the urge to take that much needed vacation every day? Simple Meditation and relaxing your whole body every day is just what the doctor and your travel planner ordered!

Here are 10 benefits of meditation:

Don’t we all need this every day – I know I sure do – what about you?

Take a vacation every day – because you need to, you want to, you have to, and you will be glad you did! Give your mind that trip of a lifetime today and every day! It’s free and doesn’t cost you anything! (except for your own sanity that is)

My perfect mind’s day… Is this yours?

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