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It's Your Journey!

It’s your journey! Your success is all about the journey, not the destination! It’s a journey where no one is ahead of you or behind you. You are not more advanced or less enlightened. You are exactly where you need to be. It’s not a contest… It’s Life. We are all teachers and we are all students.

Taking your own journey is all in what you make of it. Taking your health happiness journey is what everyone’s destination is in the end. It is all about taking care of yourself!

Finding your own path has never been more important than in the times our world is living in now. Whether you are healthy and just “wanting to” shed some pounds, or you have been diagnosed with a health issue and “need to” lose some pounds. Your journey is all about you and the steps you take along the way to achieve your weight loss to become a healthier you!

Whether it is 5 pounds or 50 pounds, the journey you take to be successful all begins with your motivation and your willingness to change some of your habits along the way.

For me – “WILLPOWER” was and still is my biggest obstacle on my journey! Every day, (especially when you have family who just loves their sweets and I love to bake) can be a struggle to simply taste and not gorge myself beyond means with the sweet stuff! Education is the key to my willpower! It’s o.k. to have a sweet every now and then, as long as I am “accountable” to it and keep track of the calories and fat from it. Its really o.k. to have “cheat days”! It’s when those “cheat days” become “every days” is where the Willpower really needs to kick in for me and so many others!

My tip – because I like to bake and share my recipes, when I make a batch of something, I send the bulk of it with my husband to work. Yes, I try a piece or two of what I have baked – but immediately package it up and send it off – so it is not sitting around on my kitchen counter calling out my name for days! You can also send off to school (if they allow treats), send over to another family members house or off to a neighbor! “Out of sight out of mind” is my motto!

Going on a “sugar detox” also works! Once I don’t allow myself anything with sugar for a good couple of weeks, my body simple does not crave the sweet stuff anymore! Instead I crave the wholesome, fresh good sweet stuff – like fruits and veggies! I do admit, I fall off the wagon every now and then. That’s what part of a health happiness journey and my own journey is all about. The Ups and Downs of weight loss happens to everyone. Sometimes you are gonna just slip up and eat those sweets, when you know you shouldn’t. But it’s the journey that is important, because along the way you learn something about yourself. You are educating yourself and body to what works and doesn’t work for you! This is how you will be successful and reach your goals for permanent change in your habits.

Willpower is a learned habit! It doesn’t come naturally to most people, you really have to learn how to handle it in your own way and in your own time. It may never be fully learned (like me), but you know it is there, and you continue to work at it every day until it is like second nature and saying “NO” just got 10 times easier!

The better stuff you eat, the better your willpower will become, because you just won’t want all the bad stuff in your body anymore. Why? Because you will start to feel so much better physically and mentally. You will have more energy, you will crave all the good stuff, your mind will become clearer, and your motivation to becoming a healthier person will become a lot easier every day that you try!

How you take your journey is totally up to you, how you change your habits is totally up to you, how you want to live your life is totally up to you!

Take the healthy journey at your own pace, control what goes into your body, get rid of your negative feelings. Let every day be the day you find change!

Let your Life lead your habits. Don’t let your habits lead your life! Take the journey of your lifetime today!

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