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Live, Laugh, Love...

Live, Laugh, Love and the pursuit of health happiness…

Live every moment with the knowledge that you are following your health happiness journey on the right path.

Laugh every day with each step that you take on that path.

Love beyond words yourself and those around you who are on the same journey.

The “three” L’s in life. These three not so little words should be everyone’s motto to live by. The Christmas season is coming just around the corner. Remember to be kind to yourself, and kind to others. Everyone is on a journey of some kind and a little patience, understanding and compassion for those who are taking a difficult journey, at this time of the year in their lives, is what we all need to have to heal together. 😊

Live every moment. With a smile on your face and a spring in your step! It gives your face a whole lot of exercise to smile, and a spring in your step is just what the doctor ordered to keep you on track!

Laugh every day. A day without laughter is a day wasted! Laugh at yourself when no one else will, laugh at your spouse when they can’t, laugh with your children, so they don’t feel all alone, and laugh with your parents when they have forgotten how.

Love beyond words. Actions speak louder than words when you love someone. Tell them you love them every day with words and show them every day with actions. Show them that you appreciate all the little things that they do to brighten your day. Show them that you love them by doing all the little things to brighten their day. Say I love you with a kind gesture, with a kind word of praise. Take a walk together, plan a healthy meal together. Do the unexpected, plan a surprise, go on a date!

Live your life by the three “L’s” of life. If you haven’t been, a new year is coming – time to get a fresh start on living your best life ever!

… I promise to Love You always …

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