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I feel Grateful, I feel Thankful, I feel Good!

I feel grateful, I feel thankful, I feel good!

And… I knew that I would! This Thanksgiving season I am feeling grateful and thankful that I feel so darn good! A year and a half later I am still on my own health happiness journey, and I am still going strong! Losing the weight, gaining my health back, keeping my motivation up, staying strong both mentally and physically this year, and doing my happy dances – it’s all good!

What has been good for you? What has been your motivation this year? Are you keeping strong mentally and physically? Are you gaining back a healthy body and mind? Are you losing weight and keeping it off?

If you answered “YES” to some or all these questions – GOOD FOR YOU! You have had a most exceptional year! Keep going strong!

If you answered “NO” to some or all these questions – ask yourself another question – WHY NOT? What has been good and what has been not so good for you this year? Have you lost your motivation? Can you think of another motivator that would work even better for you in the coming year? Do you need a friendly push?

Have you stopped or limited yourself to exercise both for your mind and your body? What could you be doing differently? Have you tried a new form of exercise that would be more enjoyable? Did you join a fitness club or new gym this year? Why not? Not your thing, that’s O.K.! Find a new way to move your body at home that you haven’t tried yet! Let go of everything that is holding you back from finding your inspiration and making your health changes!

Winter is coming, the season of giving is coming, don’t be left behind because you think you’ve failed this year! You haven’t! Think of any failure as a new success that you can learn from and move on!

Be grateful for all your successes you have made this year! Feel thankful you have made it this far and you are still going strong! Not feelin it yet? No worries!

Change is coming, are you ready?

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