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Good News!

Good News! You are not alone in your health happiness journey! You do not have to fight the battle of the bulge alone! We are all in this together! So, hop on the fast track train and get your locomotive running!

We all have a battle of some sort or another to win, and we don’t have to fight it all alone. With social media, and self-help groups, and fitness programs and exercise classes and gyms and weight loss centers, and T.V. programs and Doctor’s and experts on your health – we have so many choices to consider to help us reach our goals, that we are never alone in our journeys to save our own health!

Good News! We don’t have to limit ourselves to just one choice either. We can choose to take our journey several different ways, and the good news – if one choice is not working out for us, we can find another. The possibilities are endless!

Good News! With over a billion or more people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media venues – we can find at least one or one-million other people who are facing the same challenges as we are with our health happiness. Reach out and touch someone – success is in the numbers people! So, reach out today – you will be surprised at the support you can receive from social media friends!

Good News! Self-help groups can be found in any town you live! Whether it be for your mental or physical well-being, help is out there in your local town, city, neighborhood or state. Looking to join a self-help group? There are so many choices out there to join. From Over-eaters anonymous, to Alcoholic anonymous, to Al-Anon, to drug-use help, diabetes support groups – you name it, there is a group for it!

Good News! Fitness programs, exercise classes, gyms – you name it! Physical fitness places are everywhere! So many different programs to join! From Dancing to yoga, from gyms to swimming pools, from exercise classes to online programs. Even weight loss clinics and camps can be found if that is your choice! There is no wrong choice or right choice to find what helps you along on your health happiness journey! What works for one person is not guaranteed to work for another. Your choice, your decision, your journey!

Good News! Looking for a weight loss plan that will fit your lifestyle and budget? We’ve got those plans and weight loss centers available to us too! Although diets DO NOT WORK – there are several weight loss centers to join that educate us on nutrition and exercise that DO WORK. So many plans and so many centers – make sure you educate yourself on what will work the best for you!

Good News! There are several television programs you can watch from making healthy smoothies and healthy cooking shows, to exercise programs and motivational healthy weight loss programs and even Yoga with goats! Who knew? I personally would rather do yoga with cats or dogs – hey that’s a new concept! Go out and start your own health happiness show!

Good News! Our own wellness doctors should be our first line of defense in starting any new weight loss program, or exercise program or figuring out our nutritional goals for weight loss and health. There are weight loss experts, diabetes counselors, doctors, nurses all certified to help us reach our health happiness goals. They can help us better understand our bodies mental and physical needs to become healthier human beings.

The point to all this good news sharing is that, with so many options to help you along your journey, you should never feel like you are all alone!

The universe is always with you! Find what “good news” works for you today! You and billions of other people got this!

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