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Re-new, Re-Use, Re-cycle… these three words are not only good for the environment, but these words are also good for ourselves, for our own well-being and for others!

Renew our “we are good enough” feelings towards ourselves and one another.

Re-use what we have learned to move forward and to not make the same mistakes, or to try new things.

And Recycle our thoughts and actions into new thoughts and actions! Wake up those old, tired feelings of self-doubt and renew our purpose in our life towards becoming healthier. Renew our energy, re-use what we know works for us, and recycle those outdated, mismatched, worn out old feelings, into hip, matching, brand spanking new energized health happiness feelings!

Sort out those old feelings of I can’t do this, no way, no how – to I CAN do this, I CAN every day, I CAN every way, Yes, I can, I know how!

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