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Healing your Body from the Inside...

“Healing your Body from Within”

How do you feel about your body? Your “body image” – the way you see yourself, and your attitude about your body, greatly influences your self-esteem, your emotional well-being, and even your over-all physical health.

If you want to improve your health, if you are recovering from an illness, if you want to lose weight, or become more fit, never underestimate the importance of a positive body image.

Let go of negative messages you have repeated to yourself over and over, and affirm new, positive ones. Do this and you will have time to listen to what your body has to tell you about what you need to do next.

Take control of how you view yourself and learn to let go! All we need to do is to support this inner wisdom. We need to heal ourselves from the inside out.

Many of us think about health (and weight) during the beginning of the year. We always make those January resolutions. Well, I am here to tell you that “January” is long gone, and perhaps so are your good intentions. Life goes back to our old routines, same oh, same oh and we start waiting for the next great thing to come and inspire us—maybe it’s the summer season fast approaching?

We often try to affect our bodies from outside in. We style our hair, we pamper our nails, we take care of our skin, and the size of the body from the outside.

We seem to think that our weight should be a certain number, and our clothes should have another number. If the numbers aren’t what we are expecting, then we turn in on ourselves with anger, resentment and frustration!

We focus on the things we see on the outside. We force ourselves to follow odd diets, deprive our bodies, and when we fail, we punish ourselves by even more deprivation or by focusing on another “Miraculous Cure all Diet Fad”!

We start living this vicious cycle over and over again, expecting different results doing the same fails for our bodies. When what we really need to do is establish a connection with our bodies again. We so easily forget what our bodies are trying to tell us!

Slow down, Observe, trust, take notice, listen, sense, accept and just be here in the present and Breathe.

We need to heal ourselves from inside out.

Imagine a tree that is growing crooked. We try cutting the leaves and trimming back the branches, but the darn thing just keeps on growing crooked.

Until one day we look deeper, until one day we see that there is a big stone under the ground that is preventing the tree from growing straight. When we remove the stone, the roots have the space they need, and the tree can correct itself.

Our own lives can be blocked from growing this way. Just remove the obstacles for natural growth, sit back and watch.

Our bodies really are the most sophisticated machines out there. Until we remove the disruptive things underground, all other actions will be in vain.

Invite Change into your life!

We can start healing from within by being grateful for the body that we do have - a heart that beats, a great brain for thinking and developing and lungs that bring in fresh air. Extend gratitude towards ourselves every day, and we will begin feeling less hungry, and less in need of food to heal ourselves. No one knows your body as well as you. And from understanding comes the self-awareness and responsible self-care that produces long-lasting good health.

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