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Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Somewhere over the Rainbow Birds do fly. If birds can fly over the rainbow, why then, oh, why, can’t I?

Do you ever feel like you are flying so high, that you just don’t feel like you will ever get over that something?

We all feel like this some days. You want to reach that goal so bad, for so long, that you just don’t feel like making that trip anymore. You just cannot see yourself on top of that rainbow.

All the hard work we have been doing every day on our own health happiness journeys, just doesn’t feel like we will ever reach that rainbow. But we will!

Instead, we think we can’t look down from above unless we have achieved the whole picture on our journey. We think that there will be no reward unless we finish taking the whole trip to the end. But that’s not the whole point of our journeys! Instead, we should be thinking about rewarding ourselves for each little step we have taken along the way.

Each little step we take is one more step to reaching over that rainbow and looking down at all the progress we have made so far in our lives!

Don’t be discouraged that achieving your goal(s) takes time. That time will pass anyway.

Be determined that you will reach your goal. Just take one day at a time! Never give up! Every small step you take on your journey, is one big leap towards reaching that rainbow, and looking down at all you have accomplished!

You. Can. Fly………

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