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Crossing that Bridge

Crossing That Bridge...

How hard can it be, right? All we need to do is focus and cross to the other side. So, what’s stopping us? Fear? Resentment? Resistance? Aversion? Skepticism?

We all face this contemplation in our lives. Crossing over to a new way of life and to a new way of healthy living, can seem like it is too hard to crossover and reach!

We are afraid that once we crossover, we won’t be able to stay on the other side for very long, and we start feeling like we want to go back and start all over again!

We feel like once we cross over, we can never go back to the way our lives have been. But ya know what? Why would we want to in the first place? Crossing over means we are starting on a new path towards happiness!

Put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, and before we know it, we have completely crossed that bridge to our new lives! So exciting and new, we will look back and say, wow that wasn’t so hard after all. We made it!

She took One step at a time - Slowly, carefully, and deliberately; without being careless or in a rush. Major life changes like this can fluster anyone, so just take everything one step at a time.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Not exactly sure how to ‘start’ anew? Where to begin?

Just look back at where you have been and look forward to where you can go!

You already know, you could use a do-over from your past right? So, you have no choice but to cross that bridge and start your do-over now! Don’t look back, look straight ahead, one foot in front of the other. One step at a time. Before you know it, you will have crossed over to your path of a long, happy health happiness journey!

One step at a time you can change your life, one step at a time you can go from average to great, don’t be disheartened on the journey to a greater life. Everyday do something in relation to your goals, have a daily task list of things that need to be completed and get them done, if you don’t get them complete on that day take it over to the next day, but make sure you make positive strides towards the life of your dreams.

You can cross that bridge, you always could!

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