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Make Progress, Not Excuses!

Make Progress, Not Excuses!

You heard me – stop making excuses on why you are not eating better, or why you are not exercising at all! You will not make any progress on your health happiness journey if you keep making excuses on why you cannot do something! We’ve all been there! So, stop being that couch potato, and get up off your butt and do something about it!

It is the middle of summer, so no more excuses! Get outside and enjoy that fresh air! Start eating healthier – veggie rich foods! Farmer’s Markets are in full bloom this time of the year – so take advantage of all these exceptionally healthy food choices today! Outsmart those bad eating habits!

Here are eight tips to outsmart your bad eating habits:

  • Have a light, nutritious snack – such as a piece of fruit or a glass of almond milk – an hour before your meal to avoid eating too much.

  • If dining out, choose a restaurant that offers a wide selection of foods and fresh, low-fat options. Check the website to identify healthful options and to see nutrition information. Read the menus – most have calories listed.

  • Finish half your plate and save the rest for the next day. If dining out, ask for the rest of your meal to be boxed up; you’ll end up with two meals for the price of one

  • Eat slowly. You likely will feel full before you can overeat.

  • Share your meal with a dining companion.

  • Avoid the bread and ask for dressing on the side of your salad.

  • If dining at home, make and eat your salad while your meal is cooking. Chances are when the meal is ready for consumption, you will be semi-full from eating your salad, and you won’t be able to over-eat at the table.

  • Watch your portion control. You got this!

Stop making those excuses with these handy tips:

  • Find out what motivates you!

  • Make a list of 10 Goals you want to achieve.

  • Build yourself a ladder of success – for example:

Start small – on the bottom rung list something small you would like to purchase.

On the next rung, list some place you would like to visit in your state.

On the third rung, list a weight loss goal of 2 pounds.

On the fourth rung list a new form of exercise you would like to try.

On the fifth rung – list a goal of walking one mile.

On the sixth rung – list a new restaurant you want to try. On the seventh rung – list that outfit you want to purchase. Etc. Etc. Etc.(8, 9 & 10) Make your best goal be the last rung on that ladder.

The more you climb on your health happiness journey, the more motivated you will be to reach that last rung on the ladder of success!

I did it!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help with any step you are taking. Sometimes it really does take a village to help you achieve your dreams!

Make your only excuse – wishing you had started yesterday!

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