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Having a Conversation with...

Having a Conversation With… yourself, your family, your friends.

Having that conversation about your Health Happiness Journey should be your number one priority to yourself. You really need to decide if today is the day for your walk up that path. If it is, great! If not, then decide what day it will be good for you! But don’t put it off too much longer. Time is a wasting by faster than ever before!

If you have decided that today is the day, however, don’t be afraid to have that conversation with your family and friends!

Communication is the most powerful, useful tool you can have on your health happiness journey! It is so important to express your wants and needs to everyone, so that you can be successful on your journey. It is so much easier to have your “village” in your corner and supporting you when they know what you need or want.

Sit down and talk about where you have been, where you are going and what your expectations are of anyone, if, you have any for them. You need to have these conversations for your future success. Let them know what your concerns are. Fill them in on your goals. Let them be a part of your journey to help you if needed. We may all think we are strong enough to handle life’s journeys on our own, but when it comes to our health happiness, having that support system is the most important!

Make sure all of your “Minions” are in your corner!

The road to success starts within you! Once you show everyone what you have going on inside of you, once you express yourself and explain your journey, everything else will fall into place.

Don’t let your village be apart from you. When times are tough, and you feel like you are struggling, they will be there for you. Communicate openly. Find your tribe. Don’t be afraid to tell them to back off at times either! Some days, you just may want to be on your journey alone for a while, and that is o.k. too. Know your limits and know your boundaries.

If just a cup of coffee and conversation is all you need for the day, then let it be just that. Every day is a new step, is a new beginning. Let it be just what it wants to be for that day and move forward.

Have those conversations today! It’s not your last chance, but it could be your only chance. It’s a chance worth taking now isn’t it?

Maybe you should talk…

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