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Baby it's Cold outside!

February 5, 2021

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Got the winter blues and blahs? Anxious to get back outside into the warmth and sunshine? Aren’t we all, well those of us who have to experience a cold, snowy winter every year anyways!

What to do when we feel all cooped up and depressed? Good question! When y’all figure it out, let the rest of us know! Just kidding!

I feel you. I am you! Being too cold to even go for a walk can feel so restraining! With the world in pandemic mode, it is even worse to feel all cooped up and not be able to do anything outside of our home!

Not feeling like ourselves and feeling all alone can really put us into a tizzy!

Not wanting to stay focused on our health happiness journeys can feel so daunting, when we just can’t be outside with mother nature during the winter months.

Don’t panic and do not feel like you are all alone! Winter will pass, this pandemic will pass, and we will all rejoice and bask into the warmth and sunshine and good health once again!

Remember, just because we may be stuck indoors, doesn’t mean that we can’t be active! There are lots of things we can do to help occupy our time! If anything, this winter, this past year, and this year is teaching or has taught us, is how we can be more family oriented. It is teaching us and has taught us, how to appreciate one another again. To appreciate the little things in life, and what is really important to us.

We can still go outside and go for walks, just gotta bundle up a bit more. Going for a walk in freshly fallen snow, and clean crisp air can do wonders for us! Even if only a short walk!

Looking for new ideas and stuff to do inside to keep our minds busy and focusing on our health happiness journeys, can be impossible some days, but necessary for our own sanity!

Here are some great tips and ideas for dealing with the winter blues:

· Binge watch. Your favorite shows and “New” shows are waiting for you!

· Read a book. Take your mind away into new places and stories!

· Read a blog. ... (hint, hint, hint)

· Watch a great movie you have been wanting to watch.

· De-clutter and minimalize your spaces!

· Do some puzzles, or adult coloring – FUN! and relaxing, and stress-free!

· Play board games! An old past-time I know, but super fun! Especially with the whole family!

· Try a new hobby you have been wanting to do!

· Time for some good ole home DIY time! Need a room painted? Need a closet re-organized? Need that floor replaced? Now is as good a time as any to get those DIY projects started and finished!

· Need a fresh look for your bedroom? Change your room around, get some new bedding, curtains, or wall-art! Give your “boudoir” a whole new refreshing look! When you love how something looks, you will love how you feel!

· Love to cook or bake? Try out some new recipes! Check out for some great family favorite and health happiness recipes! Just Sayin! 😊

· Throw a dinner party for you and your family at home! Make it special with a theme! Make a home-made dinner and dessert and have a party! Have a Friday night “Dinner Théâtre” party! Dinner and a movie in your living room!

· Take a nap – you deserve it!

The possibilities are endless! Who knew staying indoors could be so much fun?!

Think outside the bubble! Winter blues are a thing of the past!

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