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Blog 181

November 13, 2020


We all want that special connection. Like the feeling you have with your pet, we all want and need that connection with each other.

Feeling connected to someone is such a magical feeling. No one wants to be alone in this world. And if you are on your Health Happiness Journey, it is more important than ever to find that connection you need for success! To reach the end of your journey, you need to make all kinds of connections along the way.

Some good, some not so good, but connections none-the-less. How we treat ourselves and each other during our journey is so important.

The connections we gain or some we may even lose along the way are what makes us who we are.

Who we interact with, who we bond with, who we connect with, sets the standards for how we will achieve our goals. Our connections will mold us into who we want to be at the end of our journey.

When we start out on our journey alone, we may feel the need to stay that way. But after just a little while, we will want that connection with other human beings, to keep us grounded and focused on why we started our journey in the first place. To be with someone who cares about us.

For some of us that connection is spiritual. Who we define as our higher power is up to us. Finding that connection is up to us no matter what religion we define ourselves as becoming.

Whatever connection is found is important to who we are, or who we want to be.

Why connect with someone?

Superficial connected-ness seems to be the preference in this generation, as technology threatens to eliminate face-to-face connections. With devices constantly in our hands, we can avoid human exchange—and the potential awkwardness therein. So why are we so afraid of making connections.

“Fright or Flight” …

Afraid of being rejected, afraid of not being liked, afraid of our appearance. But like it or not, we all need to be connected to somebody. We need to align ourselves with someone!

Avoiding connections relieves discomfort or fear in the moment, it feels like a solution. However, prolonged evasion only brings on anxiety, making it harder to extinguish, and limits your own possibilities for life enjoyment. We need stimulation to thrive. In small doses, we learn that “we can” manage our connections. And what we thought we were afraid of was unnecessarily inflamed.

Maybe we can even start to embrace what we shut out in the first place.

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