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Smile and the World Smiles with You!

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December 4, 2020

Smile and the World Smiles with you!

Absolutely, Positively! A smile lights up the world and everyone around you will see it on your face and in your heart!

When you feel happy, your body reacts in such a way that is so gleeful, how could you not want to smile every day.

Seeing your joy will bring so much happiness to your close peeps around you! Your tribe, your family, your co-workers, and strangers you pass on the street!

Even when you are just not feeling it, when you are having a not so great day, just smile anyway. It gives your face something to do that’s positive, and by the way, it uses more muscles in your face than frowning does. So, you get some exercise time in for your face!

Find and do something in your life that makes you happy!

Write it down, start a journal and write down all the events that made you happy for the day! Start a journal and write down what you are thankful for each day. When you are having a not-so-great day, you can look back in your journal and just smile again on what made you happy!

Grab a “Smile to go”! Remind yourself every day, what motivates you to get up every morning and start a new day!

I find that journaling and writing down my thoughts each day really helps me reflect on what is important in my life. Staying on track with my health happiness is so important for myself and family. I can remain focused on why I started this journey in the first place:

To follow these simple rules everyday:

· Listen to advice and act on it!

· Start cooking some "kick-ass" healthy recipes!

· Take one day at a time.

· Reflect on your goals on a daily basis.

· Log-In Every Day, No Exceptions!

· Exercise 10 minutes a day.

· Change your Eating habits.

· Practice Mindfulness.

· Talk to your enablers.

· Put yourself first!

If I stay true to these rules, and stay true to myself, I will be successful and I will have a great reason to just smile every day and let the world smile with me!

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