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Focus on Fall...

Blog #301

Focus on the Fall…

The trees are about to show us how easy it is to let things go. It is also a time to reflect on this year so far. To learn to let go of the mental clutter clouding our minds and holding us back from taking our health happiness journeys.

Reflection on our goals and dreams and putting them into action if we haven’t done so already is our new priority this time of year.

We need to shed the old train of thoughts in our heads that sometimes did not make ourselves feel better. We have learned a lot this year. We have created new habits, we have changed our eating patterns, we are eating to live and not living to eat, and we have changed our attitudes!

Our motivations are the same, to shed those unwanted pounds, to look better and most importantly to feel better!

Our inspiration to stay on our journey is watching all those leaves shed from the trees, and to be reminded of a new season approaching us is right around the corner!

What can we do to stay on track? What can we do to keep our attitudes adjusted to our new way of living? What can we do to stay motivated and inspired with the change of seasons?

With each season, comes change. Whether it is Fall into Winter, Winter into Spring, Spring into Summer, and Summer into Fall. Each new season gives us the opportunity to make changes within ourselves. One season may have passed us by, but that doesn’t mean we can’t move forward with the change of the next one!

What kind of changes do you want to see for yourself? Are you prepared to make those changes? How can you achieve them? What steps can you take to achieve them? Are they realistic? Are they even achievable?

Sometimes, like the change in seasons, we think it is easy to let things go and move on. But that’s not always the case for some of us who have not reached some or any of our goals we set for ourselves. So, when the leaves fall, we just let them fall and give up. We just let them make a big ass pile under our feet and leave them there.

It is so hard to get motivated again once we leave those piles there. When all we really have to do is make a run for it and jump into those piles with a new attitude and spread them all over the place!

Life can be messy like those piles of leaves, but that’s what life is all about. Cleaning up our messes one pile at a time and learning from the messes that we made, is just like the change of seasons. Let things go, let things get messy for a while, and then focus and clean them up!

The change of seasons does not have to be hard. It’s the change in our attitude that needs work. Let it go. Just let it go…

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