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I am Possible!

Blog # 305

The word “Impossible” even says – I’m Possible! So, there ya go! If it’s written into one word, then it’s true!

How do you figure out if losing weight and keeping it off for good is even possible?

Here are some great steps and guidelines to follow in losing weight, the correct way and keeping it off!

First step – is realizing it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. There is no such thing as long-term dieting! Making a healthy lifestyle change is the answer to lifetime results!

Second step – Realizing that gaining back your health and losing weight is not going to happen overnight! I mean it didn’t take one day to gain 100 pounds now did it? Probably months or even years! The same applies to losing those 100 pounds. One day at a time!

Third step – Choosing the right foods to help you gain back your health and losing those unwanted pounds. You need to take stock (literally) of the food choices you have been making up to this point. They are choices that were probably unhealthy, and why you have gained weight and kept it on in the first place. Take stock of your inventory!

Fourth step – Changing your attitude is the key to everything in your life. Most importantly changing your mind set to losing the weight. Keeping positive, I know I can do it attitude is the most important thing you can change for any success you want to find in your life.

Fifth step – Just do it! I know those three little words can be overwhelming and seem unrealistic for you, but they have great meaning behind them. You just have to tell yourself you can do this, you can just freakin do it – no matter what! You got this! (btw – you always did – you just didn’t know it yet)

Sixth step -Remember your Why! Keep a journal, record your feelings, and remind yourself everyday why you are taking this health happiness journey.

Seventh step – Remembering the scale is your friend, but not your main focus. Losing weight will get you to your overall health goals, but the goals you will find are more than just what the scale tells you! Physical and mental changes you feel will more than outweigh the number on the scale. Use the scale as your guide not your main focus.

Eighth step – Look for a great calorie and exercise counter. I use “my fitness pal” to log-in what I eat and what exercise I do every day. This keeps me on track with my eating habits. It makes sure I am getting enough healthy nutrients each day, and it tracks the total calories I am taking in and keeping me accountable.

Ninth step – Get your family on board! Let them know your goals and dreams. They will be a big part of your permanent success. They will see the changes in you most of all – and those are the best types of results and encouragement you will need.

And my Tenth step – Get your ducks in a row. Take one day at a time. Figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. There isn’t any right or wrong answer or menu to finding your health happiness again. But making better choices on what you put in your mouth, and what exercise you do to your body are the first steps to long-term success.

Don’t put off the “impossible” any longer because it’s not impossible – it’s I’m Possible!

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