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I'm Possible!

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February 18, 2022

I’m Possible! The word itself “Impossible” says “Im Possible”!

Tired of feeling like you cannot accomplish anything? Tired of feeling like nothing you do or try doesn’t work?

How many different diet plans have you tried? Not working for you? Maybe it’s because you just haven’t found the right one for you yet?!

It’s estimated that nearly half of American adults attempt to lose weight each year! One of the best ways to lose weight is by changing your diet.

The bottom line is that many diets can help you lose weight but finding the right one that works for you can be overwhelming!

Some of the most well-researched diets and eating plans include intermittent fasting, plant-based diets, low-carb diets, low-fat diets, the paleo diet, the Mediterranean diet, WW (Weight Watchers), the DASH diet and so many more.

While all the above diets have been shown to be effective for weight loss, the diet you choose should depend on your lifestyle and food preferences. This ensures that you are more likely to stick to it and keep it off in the long term.

Saying “I’m possible” and avoiding these common mistakes so many of us continue to make while trying to find our health happiness will help you reach your goals!

Here are my top 10 mistakes I know so many of us continue to make:

1. Stop focusing only on the scale. It is just a tool to help us reach our goal.

2. Eating too many or too few calories. Research how many calories you need for your body size and BMI to determine the number of calories your body needs to lose weight.

3. Not exercising enough. Exercise is important to keep those calories off. Amp it up a little bit more if your diet is good, but you are at a standstill for weight loss. You burn calories during exercise – you def want this!

4. Be careful Choosing low fat or “diet” foods. Processed low fat or “diet” foods are often considered healthy choices that can help you lose weight. However, they may have the opposite effect! Many of these products are loaded with sugar to improve their taste. And lots of artificial ingredients! So not good for you or your gut health!

5. Not eating enough protein. Getting enough protein is important if you’re trying to lose weight. In fact, protein has been shown to help with weight loss in several ways. It reduces appetite, increases feelings of fullness, it lowers the amount of weight regained (we don’t want this! – see one of my past blogs on yo-yo dieting) and protects our muscle mass during weight loss.

6. Not eating enough fiber. A low fiber diet may be hurting your weight loss efforts. While studies are ongoing, research indicates that fiber may also interact with gut microbes, producing hormones that help you feel full. Plus, it helps you poop! That’s a good thing!

7. Eating too often, even if you’re not hungry. Snacking in between meals can add on those additional calories that you did not account for on a daily basis. Determine if you are really hungry or emotionally eating.

8. Having unrealistic expectations. Setting weight loss and other health-related goals can help keep you motivated. However, having unrealistic expectations is common and may work against you. Your weight did not come on in a day it will not come off in a day. Keep realistic little goals for yourself.

9. Not tracking what you eat. Studies show that tracking what you eat can help you get an accurate picture of your calorie and nutrient consumption, as well as provide accountability. Use a popular App or write it all down on a daily basis. Knowing exactly how many calories you consume and lose on a daily basis will keep you in check on your weight loss plan!

10. Read your food labels! To get the most complete information about your food, it’s important to look at the ingredients list and nutrition facts label on the back of the food containers. The more knowledge you read about what you are putting in your body, the better nutrition you will receive along with your weight loss.

Fat – check, Carbs – check, Sugar – check, Protein – check, calories – check, serving size – check!

Once I started not making these 10 mistakes, I was on my way to a better eating plan and weight loss. You can do it too!

You are Possible!

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