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Are you seeing the big picture?

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March 4, 2022

Are you seeing the big picture?

Can you envision yourself happier and healthier? It’s always the big picture we miss seeing. We are too quick to expect rapid results. Instant relief. But very seldom are we patient enough to see the big picture down the road.

But if we want permanent, life-time results then patience is the key! It is so hard to be patient when you want your health happiness so very bad.

Just taking one day at a time often doesn’t seem like enough for the results we want instantly.

Nothing we have done so far has been easy and waiting for those end results can seem so daunting and so very far away from within our reach.

Do we breakdown? Yes. Do we want to quit? Yes. Have we had enough? Yes. Are we tired of not seeing results every day? Yes. Are we going to keep going? Absolutely yes. If we don’t look back down the road and see all of the great progress we have made already, then we are giving up on ourselves. We won’t be able to see the end goal we are going to reach.

If it is significant weight loss you want to achieve, it will take time. There is no quick fix to getting ourselves healthier. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes perseverance. It takes strength.

Use the tools you have been taught along the way. If you aren’t getting any results, take a refresher and just breathe.

Weight loss is more than just a scale. It is how you feel on the inside, and how you feel looking on the outside. We are not just numbers on a scale. Weight loss also comes in losing inches off our bodies. The scale will catch up with our progress.

Don’t give up!

Celebrate all the progress you have made and keep going! Your big picture will be here before you know it, and you will take center stage and be proud of all your hard work!

Losing weight is hard, but living overweight is harder. Choose your hard.

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