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Putting the Pieces together starts with you! Strive for progress, not perfection.

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Putting the pieces together starts with you – Strive for progress, not perfection.

We all know that trying to lose weight is hard, and “being” overweight is hard. But striving for perfection is even harder. So why do we do it to ourselves? Because we want the ending results to be perfect, we want a perfect me. But the truth of this reality is that there is “NO PERFECT ME”. There is only the real “ME”.

Our achievement of perfection should be progress. We need to strive for progress to achieve our life health happiness goals, not perfection.

To achieve the life you want, that will truly make you satisfied, you need to prioritize your goals above all else. Those goals you envision can then be made up of a bunch of puzzle pieces to be put together one at a time. Your life isn’t your job, it’s not your marriage, it’s not your kids or the people in it. Don’t limit yourself. Visualize and plan who you want to be, and how you want your life to be. Making progress means achieving one goal at a time, placing that one puzzle piece together with the next, not to achieve perfection, but to complete the whole picture. Making progress slowly and earnestly.

This is not putting your role as a spouse first, or even your role as a parent. It’s not even putting your family first. It’s putting yourself first and understanding what you need. By being whole, you’ll enjoy others and situations as a complement to your prioritized life, and not a “fix” to complete you.

Make a commitment to this. You have to make a decision to not being obsessed with having the perfect life that you want, but by taking ownership of the life that you have and making progress one step at a time to making the changes to the life that you need to have.

You work to fund the life You want. You shape your life, so you can be with your spouse and kids. You align the pieces, so You can have the life You want and deserve. You make sure You have things around You in order, so it reminds you, and reinforces that You have your life in order and in control. That is the life You want.

Once you figure out that every progress you make is one step closer to achieving these goals you have set for yourself, and not worrying about achieving perfection along the way is one step closer to the happier, healthier you!

Take this time to reset your life with achievable goals that are consistent with the hidden potential you have been denying yourself. Regardless of your story there is a greater potential in you. The greatest grief of your life will not be the loss of family members, friends or loved ones, but the loss of your own purpose, your own strive for perfection over progress.

There are no short-term fixes or goals. Create a life that no one can destroy. The potential is in all of us. Make a decision and commit. Pursue living the life that you want. Put the puzzle together once and for all, and don’t ever take it a part again!

Frame it and leave it where you can see it every day – all you have to do to see it, is look in the mirror and say Thank You!

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