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Home-Made Cooking Realities - Can you do it?


Home-Made Cooking Realities – Can you do it?

The question is should you do it, and why? Cooking at home sure can be a challenge, especially if you are on your health happiness journey. And it can be especially challenging if you have a family to cook for also!

So how do you make home-made, healthy meals for yourself and family on a budget? First step is to take an inventory of your food pantry!

What is lurking in there behind those boxes, jars and cans? Quick easy fixes? Quick prepared meals like boxes of macaroni and cheese and spaghetti O’s? Tons of pasta and sauce?

If this is what your pantry looks like, then time to re-stock. Of course, having those quick, easy meals in your pantry is not the worst to ever find lurking in there! Mine used to look like this at one time, and if you looked today, you would probably even find a stray box of mac and cheese hiding in there!

It’s o.k., the world is not going to end if your pantry isn’t all filled with health and happiness! But filling it up at least three quarters of the way with good, healthy whole-some foods is a step in the right direction!

Follow this second step:

Learn how to read your “nutrition labels” on your food choices:

If you’re trying to eat healthfully, the nutrition label becomes a must-use tool for making better food choices. Once you learn to quickly scan the Nutrition Facts label for essential information, you’ll be able to shop faster, eat better, and if it's your goal to lose weight with greater ease.

The Nutrition Facts label changes from time to time. The label you see in the store today will be changing in the coming years to reflect the newest health guidelines established by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The new design includes larger text for “Calories,” “Serving size,” and “Servings per container.” These changes will help you to find the most important weight loss information.

These new guideline rules were supposed to be in place for all labels by the year “2021”!

Third Step - Start looking up some new healthy recipes for you to incorporate in to your weekly planning menus. Take advantage of those fresh vegetables and fruits and add them to your meals every day. Join a local “CSA”! (community supported agriculture) your local Farmers need you and you need them!

Try using low-fat milk instead of whole milk. Drink at least 32 to 64 ounces of water every day. Substitute low-fat mayonnaise and reduced fat sour cream for the higher fat versions.

Use less oil. Instead of using vegetable oil, substitute Extra-Virgin Olive oil or Canola oil for your recipes. Try using in place of butter or replace ½ of the recipe with these oils instead of butter.

Bake and Roast instead of Frying. (Roasted

vegetables are so good!)

Use less salt and try using fresh herbs or different spices instead.

Replace your all-purpose white flour with whole wheat flour and try using other flours for your recipes like barley or almond flour.

Use egg whites in place of whole eggs. 2 egg whites = 1 whole egg.

Shop the outside parameter of your store! That is where all the good stuff is! Avoid the inner isles as much as you can as this is where all the processed foods are held.

Just making these simple changes into your every day diets, is a step in the right direction towards cooking healthier for yourself and for your family.

Home-made cooking can become a reality for you, and you can do it! Starting with one small change is a giant step towards reaching your health happiness!


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