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She came in like a Wrecking Ball!

Blog #263

Did you come in like a wrecking ball?

Did this new year come in with a crash, bang and burn for you? Have you failed yet another past years’ resolutions?

Did you achieve even one of the resolutions you set out for yourself last year?

Yes? No? Why or Why not? How did you achieve them? What did you learn?

Were they long-term achievable resolutions that you can hang on too – or just short term?

For any goal to achieve and last, you have to really want to reach it, and make it achievable and realistic.

Here are nine helpful tips to do just that this year!

1. Do not make a resolutions list - Instead, make a list of goals that incorporate these next “9” helpful tips!

2. Be intentional – Set goals that are aligned to your strengths and authentic to you.

3. Quality not quantity – Remember it's not the number of goals set, but a harmonious balance of our performance, energy, and use of our strengths to consider when setting a goal.

4. Consider your strengths and weaknesses - If your strengths are not of benefit towards achieving the goal, then really consider if it is something that you want to do.

5. Be aware – Acknowledge any weaknesses and learned past behaviors that could interrupt you from reaching any accomplishments.

6. Dream Big! - Is there something you’ve been putting off until the right moment? Or pushed to one side? Is now the right time or place to achieve your dream?

7. Make it count - Set goals that have meaning and purpose towards accomplishing your vision.

8. Prioritize your goals in order of your passion – it will be the easiest wake-up call you’ve ever had.

9. Put them into Action – Make it happen. Ready, Set, Go!

Take that leap of Faith and walk the line of success to a great new year!

Happy Great New Year to you!

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