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Blog 180

November 6, 2020

"Significance" - That wonderful feeling of belonging and being accepted. We all want to feel and be significant in our own lives. Don’t we realize that we already are?

We get up every single day of our lives and start a new day. We all want that day to be significant from any other. Do we achieve that significance? Do we feel that significance? Maybe yes, maybe no.

But what if we could feel that way every day? We can! We just have to put ourselves in the right mindset every morning before we start our day.

We are valuable, we are strong, we are safe, we are worthy, we are significant! Strong words to say each day for sure, but words we all need to hear every day!

How we start our day determines on how our day goes. Wake up and be in a bad mood – have a bad mood day. Wake up refreshed and full of energy – have a refreshing, productive day. Wake up happy and loved – have a stress-free, relaxed, appreciated kind of day.

It’s up to us! Of course, there are circumstances happening every day that could cause us to feel not so significant and change our mood set. But how we react to those changes will determine our mood set for the rest of our day.

We can choose to let the circumstances ruin our day, or we can choose to accept the circumstances, fix them, or ignore them, let them brood, or let them go. The choice is up to us.

We place emojis on Facebook posts signaling the significance of the post to us. So why not in our everyday circumstances choose to do the same. Let the significance make us happy and move on, or let the significance make us mad or sad and let it brew for the rest of the day.

Me, personally – I would rather deal with it. Confront it, talk about it, solve the problem, let it go and then move on gracefully.

I would rather deal with the insignificance during the day, than to bring it home with me to my family and friends.

Check it off your list as an accomplishment and you will feel that much better for taking the high road and moving on towards smoother pavement for the rest of the day!

After all, Today is a Good day to have a Good day. You are Significant! Make today count! You Got This!

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