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Stop Being Lazy!

September 18, 2020

Blog #173

Stop Being So Lazy!

Move that beautiful, wonderfully awesome body of yours! With the pandemic going on in our country today, there is no better excuse than to get outside into that clean air, away from everyone and everything and move that body of yours!

No more excuses! Just 10-30 minutes a day of any kind of exercise is so beneficial for your mind, body, and spirit. You will feel so refreshed and exhilarated to start or finish your day with some type of movement. What are you waiting for?

You deserve a break during the day! At work and feeling stressed? No worries, just get outside on your break(s) and walk, stretch, do some yoga, sit at the lunch table and do some stretches, or just walk up and down a flight of stairs or two!

Relieve that built up stress and sore muscles with some movement!

Studies really do show, that getting up and moving around everyday relieves stress, helps build up your muscles, reduces your caloric intake and helps you lose those pounds you keep trying to get off of your awesome body!

Is the scale not moving, even though you are on a good, healthy eating plan? Try adding some exercise or increase the amount of exercise you are already doing, and then watch that scale move! As we get older, it is harder to lose those extra pounds we have put on, so adding any type of movement to your everyday regime will help burn off those unwanted pounds a lot quicker!

When you hit a plateau in your weight loss (I have reached this on occasion), adding exercise, trying some new exercises you haven’t done before, and even increasing the amount of time you exercise per day, or adding another mile to your walking or jogging will help you get over that plateau!

Being consistent and scheduling your exercise routine during the week will definitely help keep you on track!

Stop making excuses! Have a friend or relative nearby to keep you on track and join in with you? Take advantage of them! (trust me they won’t mind! Chances are they need a boost too!)

Mark it on your calendars, put a sticky note on your computer to remind yourself that you are worth it, that you need a break, that you need to move it to lose it!

Go on a new adventure! Try new things! Try new exercises! Go walk with a new friend! Take a new exercise class! Go to the gym! Buy a stay at home bicycle or treadmill! Go bicycling! Go swimming! Take up a new sport! Just move that beautiful body of yours and stop being lazy!

You can do it! Say YES to movement and get out there!

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