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Time to Make Things Happen!

Blog #160

June 19, 2020

Time to Make Things Happen!

It is summer! The year is half over, it is now or never to make things happen! I know, I know we have all been telling ourselves since the beginning of the year tomorrow is another day to make things happen! But how many tomorrows have come since January 1st, and we still have not changed a single thing or made anything new happen!

Every January I would tell myself; this is the year that I will have my weight off by summertime. I will wear those cute shorts and pretty bathing suit that have been sitting in my closet for a couple years now.

And Every May and June come, and I am no closer to reaching my goal weight than I was last year! Why does this keep happening every year after year, after year?

Why? Because I have not been practicing what I preach. I make all the plans, start the healthy eating plan, exercise regularly, then boom just like that – all that planning and feel goods just suddenly stop. I find myself going backwards again instead of forward. Why? Because summer has now arrived, and I am no closer to wearing those cute little shorts or pretty bathing suit than I was five months ago. So, I give up! I feel like I will never reach those goals I set for myself every year.

Why do I do this to myself time and time again? Quitting is real. Stopping myself from making progress is real. No self confidence is real. So why bother?

How do I get my “feel goods” back to stay for good! By not quitting! By not giving up!

By Continuing on the path to Health Happiness I set up for myself in the first place. I didn’t not lose weight, I didn’t gain weight back, I just didn’t hit the goal weight I set for myself yet. But progress is progress! I just need encouragement to stay on track and make things happen. Time to re-learn and re-focus everything I have learned this past year, and to stop repeating history of self-sabotage.

Once you decide that you will inevitably make mistakes along the way,and you will veer off the path every now and then. It is o.k. to forgive yourself and move on in the right direction.

O.K. so I didn’t make it happen, and I didn’t exactly make everything happen this year that I wanted to make, but I still have today, tomorrow and the day after that. Six months have passed, but I still have the future to make the changes I need to make. New goal date – Next June for sure!

I can do this; YOU can do this!

It is definitely time to make things happen NOW!

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