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Time to plan your meals!

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Time to plan your meals!

Do you think it’s too difficult to plan your meals for the week? Do you think you just don’t have enough time to do this?

Do you think making a list is too extensive? Think again!

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to have an easy week making dinners?

Do you want to save time in the grocery store? Do you want to stick to a food budget?

If you answered yes to any of these above “4” questions, then you can definitely make the time, you need to make the time, and trust me, it will pay off for you and your family big-time!

Planning your meals for the week saves you so much time, planning your meals for the week makes preparing the meals less stressful, saves $ money on your food budget, and allows you enough time to take stuff out of your freezer that morning. I don’t know about you, but I will sometimes forget to do that! No more forgetting to get ingredients for dinner. No more last-minute shopping. No more stress deciding on what to make each night!

Knowing what you are having for meals during the week also keeps you on track with your weight loss plan. Keeping track of calories and your macro-nutrients for the day will be so much easier if you plan your meals ahead of time and will keep you on track with your health happiness plan!

I will plan at least 5 dinner meals each week. I devised a shopping list that matches the aisles in my favorite store I shop in. Having this list and breakdown of the store saves me time and money! I know where the items are based on my list, and I stick to purchasing what’s only on my list, therefore staying within budget and not buying items I do not need. Having a plan and a list, also helps me to not buy unwanted items, such as sweets or desserts! Not that we can't have those once and awhile and in moderation, but when focusing on your weight loss each week, it's nice to have a plan that you can just stick too!

It is so much easier shopping and less time-consuming when you have your meals planned out with a matching shopping list. When you have your kiddos with you, you can divey up your list and make shopping time more enjoyable for everyone!

I mean who loves grocery shopping, said no one ever! Now you can at least get in and out quicker and avoid some stress! Your meals are planned, and you are done!

When I know what I am making for dinner that day, I will get out my recipe, put my shelf stable ingredients on my counter next to the recipe, so most of my meal ingredients are out and waiting for me or my family when I or (they) get home.

At the end of a long workday, you don’t want to be thinking about what to make for dinner when you get home. This way everything is ready for you. Need a head start before you get home? If your other half and kids are home before you, they can start it for you ahead of time. Easy-Peasy right? Yes!

If your recipe makes a lot, especially for a family, you may have leftovers and you will have a night off! So, planning for five meals each week is perfect! Leftovers night and Pizza or dinner out night! No need to plan for 7 meals!

Your dinner plans just got so much easier for you! No more guessing what to eat each night, no more guessing how many calories you are consuming, no more stressful family prepping dinners. You’ve got your meals and your list for the week!

I love to find new recipes to make for the week! I print out my recipe, add the ingredients to my shopping list for the week and boom new meals planned for the week! Easy-Peasy! It’s time to plan your meals!

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