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Weight Loss. What have you gained?

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March 18, 2022

Weight Loss. What have you gained?

Benefits of losing weight comes in so many forms!

Your brain, your heart, your lungs, your limbs, your gut – you name it your whole-body benefits!

More mobility, more stamina, more energy, more beauty.

Less stress, less resistance, less sickness, less stomach issues.

The gains are so much more than the losses.

Weight loss is about more than fitting into smaller jeans. By maintaining a healthy weight, you will improve your mobility and mood, and you'll also lower your risk for serious illnesses. What's more, shedding even a few pounds can improve your health.

What benefits have you encountered?

What does weight loss do for you?

How does losing weight help your body?

Research shows that losing just 5% to 10% of your body weight may improve mental health and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Weight loss may also improve your sleep, raise self-esteem, and boost sex drive and energy levels. So, who doesn’t want all those benefits?

Losing that belly fat greatly decreases your risk for heart disease and breast cancer! So, I ask who doesn’t want those benefits?

There are so many benefits your body gains when you decrease your weight load!

· Have you noticed that you have less stress?

Foods with a high fat, sugar, and salt content – especially processed carbs – can trigger high levels of cortisol aka. the stress hormone. A weight loss regimen can reverse this.

· Have you noticed more energy?

Carrying extra weight requires the body to use a lot of energy. When someone loses weight, their energy levels will skyrocket.

· Have you noticed fewer headaches?

People who suffer from headaches or chronic migraines might notice these symptoms slowly vanish once they drop the pounds.

· Have you noticed clearer skin?

High sugar foods and simple carbs put the kidneys and liver through a lot of stress. Improving the diet takes a lot of pressure off the body’s filtration system which means clearer skin and healthier hair.

· Have you noticed better sleep?

After losing weight, people tend to sleep throughout the entire night and experience a higher quality of sleep.

· Have you noticed mental clarity?

Unhealthy amounts of salt and sugar can screw up the brain chemistry leading to brain fog. This tends to vanish when people lose weight.

· Have you noticed improved sex drive?

Weight loss boosts testosterone production leading to better libido.

· Have you noticed reduced joint pain?

Less weight means less stress and inflammation in the knees, elbows, and hips.

· Have you noticed balanced hormones?

At a moderate weight, the thyroid can function more efficiently which promotes balanced hormones.

· Have you noticed reduced hunger?

When people feed their bodies healthy food full of nutrients, they’re less likely to feel hungry throughout the day. Less weight also means the body requires less calories to function properly.

Now, who doesn’t want all those gains?

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