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When Less Is More… (Part III) Tips to stay on track for your own #HealthHappiness

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When Less Is More… (Part III)

Tips to stay on track for your own #HealthHappiness – PART III …

When less is more at the end of the day, it is time to re-focus what is really important in your life. If your day didn’t turn out quite the way that you planned, re-group your thoughts and think of how you could have made it better, and start tomorrow with your new sense of direction and purpose.

Your day is all in what you make of it. Each day is a new “do-over”. Don’t make the same mistakes you made the day before. Re-establish your new list of priorities, and stick to them. Creating a new self can be challenging work. Anything rewarding is never easy, but at the end of the day the “new” you is all worth it!

Keep yourself moving, keep your mind active and open-minded, relax and gain some more motivation and inspiration with some more tips (part III) that you may have never thought of or tried before, (or did and tried and need a reminder) and that will inspire you to stay on track, to try new things, and to give yourself a fresh clean start:

11. If you like to exercise at home, like I do, keep your exercise equipment in plain sight.

I keep my weights I use for my arms on my living room floor by the coffee table. And because I don’t have a separate exercise room, I keep my stationary bike right in my living room to use every day while listening to my favorite tunes, or watching a favorite TV program. My family is encouraged to use this equipment also. And my company doesn’t mind either! My bike is sometimes used as extra seating, and before long, my friends are peddling away while visiting! Talk about getting everyone in on the fitness kick!

12. It’s always “buffet” style for our meals at home, except for the occasional holiday.

Keeping the meal in the kitchen away from the dining room table, keeps me focused and not tempted to go back for a second helping. Being mindful in my portion control and serving myself just want I need, helps me avoid unnecessary temptations to go grab more.

Eating slowly, and mindfully keeps me satisfied and gives my brain enough time to catch up with my stomach signals that I am full. Keep in mind the portion control plate sizing. (picture below for reference) When you are first starting your health happiness journey, it is useful to keep a picture of this portion plate graphic on your refrigerator to be a handy and useful guide to keeping you on track with what your portion sizes should look like. After awhile it will become second nature to you, and you won’t need any reminders!

(Remember – out of sight out of mind!)

13. Stretch while watching TV.

Get up during those pesky commercials and move that body! Walk up and down your stairs, or walk around your room, do a handful of jumping jacks, or use your weights! During a normal program, you can have at least 10 to 15 minutes of commercials! Just think, during that time you already did some of your daily exercising and you didn’t even think about it!

14. Keep your bathing suit or special summer dress that you want to be able to fit into on display.

We tend to eat more and exercise less during the winter months, so having a favorite bathing suit or dress on display gives us that incentive to be inspired to stay on track during the winter. Just looking at that bathing suit keeps me dreaming and excited about the warmer months coming, and gives me motivation to keep going on my health happiness journey, and getting that weight off!

15. Make and keep a “reward jar or reward box” for yourself or family.

Take a small jar or a box and decorate it with motivational quotes and pictures to keep as your own “reward” vessel. For each pound you lose, add $1.00 or whatever you feel comfortable with to the jar. When you reach whatever milestone goal you set for yourself, treat yourself to something nice just for you! (A new lipstick or scarf perhaps?) Or you can make it a “family” jar or box. Have your family put in little notes of things you can all do together or places you can go as a family for each goal you reach! You will get the encouragement you need, and they will get the incentive to help you reach your goals! It’s a “WIN-WIN” for everyone!

These five tips are just a sampling of helpful, great, tips you can utilize to help you along your health happiness journey! (Part IV in next weeks’ Blog)

Your health happiness started yesterday, and you didn’t even know it! So, wake-up tomorrow with a new sense of purpose you didn’t even realize you had, and get on that life-time, long-time journey your body is aching for, and that your mind is telling you that you need to go on today!

What are you waiting for? Your time’s not up yet! You Need this!

Always,Always, Choose YOU!

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