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When Less is More... (Part I)

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When Less Is More…

Tips to stay on track for your own #HealthHappinessPART I

When “Less Is More” In today's busy world, it is perfectly okay to not have as much time for exercising and eating healthier as you planned - but what you shouldn’t do is call off the whole “being the change you want to be” because of it. Even if you only have the time to exercise for 10-15 minutes today; do whatever you can - small doses of exercise (like walking, riding your stationary bike, stretching or climbing up and down stairs) can still be surprisingly effective.

For your healthy eating plan, it’s o.k. to grab and go quick snacks, or even make a quick on the go meal once in a while. When we use the less-is-more approach to exercise and our meal plans we can feel the results almost instantly. The rush of feel good hormones floods our brains and brings an overwhelming sensation of joy. Over time, you will drastically improve your over-all health while training your mind and body to work together as one functional unit. Consistency is the most important part of starting an efficient exercise and healthy eating plan. So, get to work! All your excuses just went out the window, or door, or hole in the floor!

Here are some tips (Part I) you may have never thought of or tried before, (or did and tried and need a reminder) and that will inspire you to stay on track, to try new things, and to give yourself a fresh start:

1) Make a list of the reasons why you are choosing your health happiness journey.

i.e.: To have more energy, to sleep better, to lose weight, to decrease your health risks, to cure your diabetes diagnosis, to enjoy life, to buy new clothes in a smaller size, to fit on amusement park rides or to be able to play with your children again.

Whatever your reasons are; they are IMPORTANT! Post them on your refrigerator, on your bathroom mirror or somewhere where you can see them every day to motivate, inspire and to keep you on track to your health happiness journey!

2) Write or print out from your computer motivational quotes to yourself.

Post the notes where you can see them every day. A sticky note on your desk at work, a note in your lunch tote, or make a collage and post them daily and hang it on your wall.

(I have made a collage and have it hanging in my kitchen with an assortment of inspirational quotes, pictures and anecdotes). I look at it every day for inspiration, motivation, hope and reminders of why I am on this journey to begin with!

3) Buy one smaller sized outfit you saw in a store and loved.

Hang it some place where you can see it occasionally, and be inspired to reach your goal size to wear it! Remember approximately 10 pounds in weight loss = one dress size smaller! You are on your way!

4) Start exercising not just for weight loss, but to get your body moving!

Don’t be a couch potato! Your hands and arms can do so much more than just holding a remote, and your legs will thank you for any movement you can give them. Start out with 5-minute increments and work yourself up to a time you feel comfortable with. Remember slow and steady gets you started and fast and ready keeps you going!

5) Make your own healthy snack station “just for you”.

Designate an area in the refrigerator or cabinet that is just for you and your own healthy snacks. Put labels on them with your name, and a warning to others who may take them on you! Hands-off - make a list of what is yours and “yours only”. I make up my own snacks and keep them in my designated areas at the beginning of each week for an easy grab n go healthy snack choice to bring with me every day. It also keeps me from grabbing unhealthy choices! When you are counting your calories each day, this is a must have chore to do for yourself to keep you on track!

These five tips are just a sampling of helpful, great, tips you can utilize to help you along your health happiness journey! (Part II in next weeks’ Blog)

When less is more, and all you have is time, why waste it?

Choose to be fit, choose to be strong, choose to be in control, choose to be healthy, choose to find your health happiness,


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