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Where are you Christmas? The Season of Giving, Part III

December 24, 2021

Where are you Christmas?

In a world full of fast food, Online Shopping and Social Apps, where can you find the true meaning of Christmas?

You don’t even have to socialize or spend time with family and friends anymore. You can get your meals thru the drive thru, you can shop and send all your gifts online, and you don’t even have to see your friends or family in person or make a phone-call, because you can also do all that online.

You can sit at home and not even have to move any part of your body except for your fingers to make your Christmas come alive. But are you really bringing Christmas alive? Are you really celebrating the season and living the true meaning of the Holiday Spirit?

In our busy lives, we can forget what this season of giving is supposed to be all about. If we just slow down a bit, and take a good hard look at our lives and the lives of our family and friends, we will see that the spirit is all around each and everyone of us, if we just take the time to look.

The season of giving, is all about love and kindness we should be sharing with each other. It’s all about forgiveness and acceptance and goodness. I was recently reminded of this at a seminar I recently attended with my family. The inspiration of the seminar was based on “It’s a Wonderful Life” movie, and it reminded me of how a whole town came together to help a fellow neighbor in a time of need.

How when someone had reached the end of their rope, and they thought there was no future in sight, how they were reminded that there is always hope. That there is goodness and light in a world that can be so dark at times. Where are you Christmas? Why can’t I see you? Why are you so far away?

These words never had more truer meaning than right now. It is up to all of us to find Christmas and bring back the hope and joy that the season is supposed to mean. We need to come together and put aside our petty differences. We are one planet, we are one people.

The innocence of a child kneeling on the side of their bed saying their prayers each night. The rambunctious toddler sitting on Santa’s knee whispering their hopes and desires into his ear. The grade-school children singing their hearts out in their school Christmas concert. This is what the Christmas spirit looks like. Through the eyes of a child with wonder and merriment and happiness and love. We need more of their sweet innocence to share with each other.

To help each other in times of need. To spread the feeling of kindness and hope again. To show that we really care about what happens to each other, that’s what we were all put on this planet to do.

Feed the hungry, shelter and clothe the homeless, protect the children, care for the weak and sick.

I think we can all find Christmas again, if we just search and reach way down deep into our hearts. It is there, it has always been there, we just need to bring it up to the surface again and share it to the world. To our World. Our only world.

Can you find your Christmas?

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