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Overcoming "Rainy Day" Blues...

Overcoming Rainy Day Blues:

It's raining again! Stuck inside with no energy,no stamina,no willpower, no exercise, no fresh air, no, no nothing. How do I overcome my sudden sadness, my depression, my boredom?

Whether it is raining outside, or the sun is shining, we all have days like this regardless of what the weather is doing outside.

Inner feelings we struggle with. For some of us this is every day, for others occasionally.

So how do we overcome our rainy day blues? We think about all the things we want to achieve on our #healthhappiness journey. What do we want to focus on at the end of that rainbow? Do we want to see the "brighter side" of our life, or the "rainy side of our life? Focus on the brighter side, by keeping a daily journal of your accomplishments, failures, your mood swings, your dreams, your realities, your future, your "bucket list". Anything that keeps your spirit lifted and makes you think about what you want to achieve in your life. Your goals, and what you need to do to reach them.

Is it, spending more time with family? Is it fitting into those pair of jeans sitting at the back of your closet? Is it traveling to a place you have never been before? Is it making amends with lost family or friends? When you feel better about yourself and about the way your day will go, you feel better about everything around you. Look at yourself in the mirror with a new perspective, set a new goal. Take baby steps to reach them, or long strides to achieve them.

Take action. Put yourself first. Watch that sunrise with a new determination and be positive.

You can turn your rainy day blues into a colorful display of everything that you are going to achieve.

It's up to you! Are you going to sit in that puddle, or are you gonna get up and dance in the rain like no-one is watching, or like everyone is watching.

The choice you make today can be the ultimate choice you make every day!

Overcome your rainy day blues - start your day with - I choose Me ...

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