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Staying on track with an "Enabler"

Staying on track towards your health happiness goals with a certified, real enabler in your life can become quite trying at times, well most of the time actually. For those trying to lose weight and trying to become more actively fit, having this person or person(s) blocking your way can become very frustrating, if not down right annoying and in some cases "deadly".

If you have been overweight for a number of years, and getting food or having food brought to you put you in your happy place, then the sudden change of your attitude of becoming healthy and fit brings on a lot of confusion to those "enablers" in your life.

Food has become your only reward for yourself and others for a long period of time, to suddenly stop using food as your only source of comfort puts a strain on your relationships. The enablers only know how to make you happy, to comfort you in time of need, or in celebrations by giving you "unhealthy" food. Thus adding continued stress and anxiety in those relationships you have formed.

Most often than not, the conversations you have with them, to encourage your healthy eating habits go wayside time and time again. These behaviors from them, can put the extremely obese in a very dangerous position and even death can occur, because they do not know how to make you happy other than by feeding your soul with food.

The first step towards "ousting" these enablers from your lifestyle changes begins with you. Have that first or tenth conversation with these people. Tell them why you are making this lifestyle change. Encourage them to make one with you. Show them your plan, have them exercise with you. Go for that walk together, plan that grocery list together, take that shopping trip together. Anything you can do to actively make them a part of your lifestyle change.

By showing them, will encourage them to want to help you in healthier ways. It will change their attitude, and hopefully they will want that change for themselves.

Death from an unhealthy lifestyle is not an option! If the enabler continues making unhealthy decisions for you, then it's time to give them that wake-up call! Take control of your life and everyone who is in it. You want to live for you, not anyone else!

Sometimes the only action you can take is to move on away from that one enabler who is constantly holding you back. You cannot become that whole person you want to be by constantly fighting the negativity and anxiety from your enabler.

Being positive to your lifestyle changes to eating and feeling better, is your beacon of light that will shine on to those around you who have lost their way. Once they see how bright your light really is, they will gravitate towards the new you, and accept the changes.

If the love is there between you and the enabler, then you can conquer any obstacle together. They just need to be shown the way through you. Your progress is their happiness too.

It will take time to break old habits for you and your family, your friends, your co-workers, anyone who is a part of your old life. But bringing out the new you, and letting your light shine brightly brings on a whole new attitude to those who truly need it!

So shine on ... Be that Beacon ... You got this!

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