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Are You A Hot Mess?

Too hot for you?

Are you a hot mess and suffering from Menopause? Is losing weight and staying healthy still obtainable before, during and after menopause? With hot flashes, and mood swings and discomfort, and depression and sleep deprivation, how on earth can we concentrate, let alone think about staying on track with our healthy eating and weight loss?

If you are feeling hot coals on your body at night and sweating like crazy in moments, that are out of your control, how can I control my cravings and think about the days meal plan, when I haven't gotten enough sleep the night before? I am driving my family and myself nuts with my mood swings, and getting through the day sometimes with the depression that follows, leaves me hollow on the inside. All I want to do is eat to cradle my feelings and go back to sleep.

The reality is, we are all going to go through menopause, some of us earlier than others. Some of us may have severe symptoms, while others just an occasional hot flash or mood swing. We are all built of the same hormones that screw us up at any given time in our lives. For me, menopause came in my late forties, hereditary yes, hormonal malfunction yes, having children yes, and yes, the list goes on and on. Have I used my messed up bodily systems as an excuse and a crutch for not eating healthy? Have I let it take control of my every day mid-life dauldrons? Yes and yes once again.

Sure we have been through these changes, or about to come across these changes in our lives, but that doesn't mean our brains can't handle them. We have become stronger because of these changes, more aware, more realistic. We need to embrace these changes as a fact of life and start treating our bodies with more respect.

The better we start eating and planning our meals, the better we start exercising our bodies, the better we will feel both physically and mentally. We face challenges yes, but we can overcome them as women, if we just set our minds right in the first place. We can think of the imbalances as a learning tool, to figure out what makes us feel better? While some of us may need medicine to give us that kick for normalcy, and some may just endure, we all have the same thing in common, we all want to feel and look better at any age.

There should be nothing holding us back from achieving our health goals. We only have one life to live and we can get through these changes with support and knowledge and control.

If you can't sleep at night, and anxiety and hot flashes creep in, get up and write in a journal your thoughts and feelings. Writing them down at any hour, gets the thoughts and anxious feelings out of your head and onto paper. The next day you can review them and sort them out, or wonder what the heck did I write and why? I leave a journal next to my bedside for such times. When I can't sleep and my mind is racing, it really does help me sort through stuff so I can get back to sleep with no uneasy feelings and have a little more peace of mind.

Planning meals and exercise go hand in hand. This planning doesn't change because we are going through menopause, now more than ever planning is the most important change we can make. It does get easier, it does get more managed, you are loved, you are appreciated, and you are not alone.

Life will take us on many journeys, and obstacles will cross our paths, but menopause does not have to be one of those obstacles, if we don't let it.

You are not a hot mess, you are a hot beauty finding her way home... Carry on, my wayward hottie, carry on ...

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