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Are you going off track?

January 29, 2021

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Are you going off track?

It’s a new year. It is understandable if you don’t know where to start, or where you left off on your health happiness journey. It happens to all of us from time to time!

Going off track is not the end of the world. So, it happened, forgive yourself and move forward.

It is so much easier to get back on that track, if you just stay focused and pick right back up where you left off before you fell off.

Starting over the next day and leaving the crap you left behind you is so much better for your health and sanity if you just let it all go. Don’t use that same old excuse “I will just wait till the end of the week”, or “I will start fresh this coming Monday”. By telling yourself those excuses, will not make whatever happened go away. It will only delay you from getting right back on track!

You need to start right back up and not wait. That one day or week you promised yourself will most likely turn into a month or two months, or in some cases a whole year!

You can do this! It has happened to all of us. It doesn’t get any easier each time we fall off track, but the way you handle each fall does get easier in time, if we just focus on our goals and end results and get right back at it!

If you feel yourself falling off the rails, here are some quick pick me up tips to help you get back on track:

· Keep a daily or weekly journal. Write down what helped you get through a great day, and what helped you get through a bad day.

· Focus on the positive, not the negative. Remind yourself of that one positive thought you had that day or week.

· Keep inspirational or motivational quotes that help you through the day on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror.

· Don’t weigh yourself that day or week.

· Plan out your menu for the following day and week to help keep you on good food choices.

· Keep a healthy snack right out in plain sight. When you start to feel miserable or feel like you are going off track, having a good healthy snack within reach will help your curb your appetite.

· Have a “go to” friend you can call at the spur of the moment, to talk things out with.

· Keep yourself busy – “mind over matter” will help keep you distracted from making a wrong choice and will keep your mind busy.

· Go for a walk, go to the gym, or do some type of exercise.

· Keep a bottle of nice cold, refreshing water nearby to re-freshen you and fill you up.

· Do something you have been putting off for a while.

· Make a bucket list!

· Do something on that bucket list!

The possibilities are endless. Once you put your mind into a good place, everything else will fall back in line and you can start again!

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