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Finding your own "Thankfulness's"

November 26, 2021

Giving Thanks…

This time of year, is always a time to reflect on what you have to be thankful for. I am thankful to have been given a second chance. A second chance to set new goals for myself, a second chance to find happiness and inner peace, a second chance to start my health happiness journey. I am thankful to have the love and support of my family and friends that are in my presence that have given me that second chance.

Each Thanksgiving that passes by my door every year, is always opened with a new-found thankfulness and renewed hope. It doesn’t come easy, and there is no free pass. Just an open heart and open mind on all of the new possibilities set in front of me to explore and conquer.

This year I am reflecting not on memories of the past, but of memories to come. I am thankful to have the opportunity to move forward with renewed hope and enthusiasm in finding the new me. Thankful for the old version, but excited to meet the new version. As I become more active and continue on my journey I am rejoicing in the fact that I am becoming a healthier person, both physically and mentally.

Each day that passes I reflect on everything I have in my life to be thankful for. Another year is almost over and the season of Christmas is upon us yet again. This past year I started my health happiness journey. I have come along way but still have a long way to go. My future has not yet been told, and I have no idea what path it will take me on, but I am looking forward to seeing where I end up.

If we can all reflect on our past year with Thankfulness in our hearts, we can end the year with a renewed strength we never thought we had. At times the journey has not been easy, there have been some rough bumps in the road, but through perseverance, hope, guidance and support, it has made my walk in the road a lot smoother. The uphill’s I encountered along the way, looking back really weren’t that much of an effort to climb. It really wasn’t about the climb itself, but what was waiting for me on the other side that was the most important. What I have already learned along the journey has guided me to the top and has guided me into making different decisions on that climb back down.

So, reflecting on this Thanksgiving is an important self-portrait for me. People in your lives they will come and go. The really important ones (whether they be family or friends) will stay for a life-time and take that journey with you. The ones that walk into your life for just a short time are important, for they help you reflect on your current journey, and the ones that used to be in your life are important because of the memories they gave to you on your journey, but are part of your past journey and that is where they need to stay. They were important because you needed them to help you to move on with your journey.

I am thankful for the mistakes I have made, because they helped me grow and learn and become the person I needed to be. I am thankful for all the successes I have made, because they helped me become the person that I am. And I am thankful for all the little things that I used to take for granted, and that I now look forward to every day.

I am thankful for hearing my grown children’s laughs and puns. I am thankful to being able to witness the sibling bond between them grow every day. I am thankful for my husbands refusal to grow up, for being my best friend and biggest cheerleader. I am thankful for the friends in my life, who became the family I needed in an instant and never left my side.

I am thankful that I am on this health happiness journey, so that I can continue everyday to be thankful for something new and to be able to witness all the blessings in my life.

My journey of health happiness thankfulness has just started, and I can’t wait to find out what my future thankfulness’s (is that even a word?) has in store for me to discover!

What thankfulness’s have you discovered in your life?

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