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The Yo-Yo Diet!

Blog #23

Have you ever heard of this diet? Yes! I am not surprised! Been there, done that too many times over the years, I have lost track!! Does my body feel the adverse effects from this type of diet? Your bet your sweet little butts it does! This idea of the yo-yo effect of diets does tremendous damage to our bodies. Why do we do it over and over again to ourselves? Because we can’t handle the permanent changes we have to make to our lifestyle habits, and we are not choosing the right way to make those healthy changes.

We lose “the” weight or “some” of the weight, keep it off for a period of time, and because we don’t “permanently” change our habits, we gain it all back and then some, again and again.

I have been through this roller coaster ride of weight loss over the years, because I used food as a coping and crutch mechanism. I never learned the proper way to lose weight and keep it off. I never learned how to find other coping mechanisms to use besides food. So hence, I would feel better for a period of time and thought I was healing emotionally, lose some weight and then gain it back.

I wouldn’t only gain it all back, but would gain a few more pounds on top of it. And because I gained back even more, the scale kept climbing higher and higher and I would get depressed even more. The number on the scale would increase, so I kept using food as my crutch and eating more of the wrong types of food, and on top of that, my exercise would stop all-together.

Jeessshhh, what a roller coaster ride if ever there was one! The only thing was, I didn’t get the thrill I was looking for on this ride. The thrill of losing weight to become a healthier person, the thrill of being able to move my body and not have it hurt all the time, the thrill of being able to do what I wanted to do on a daily basis with my children.

Why? Because I didn’t take my power back over my physical and mental body to make any permanent changes to my well-being to be successful on my journey.

Taking the right steps to positive change is so important, so that we don’t keep this yo-yoing diet going. It is the worse diet out there!

Every time we lose weight and then gain it back, it is taking a toll on our bodies big-time. We may not notice it right away, or even in a year. Sometimes it just waits until we get older and are at a higher risk to raise its ugly hammer on us! Well, it is time to stop those hammer blows and get off this diet plan all-together!

Time to flip the old way of thinking things around in your mind and rethinking the “YES” way to start being positive and losing the weight the right way! You need to choose the right path for you! Your work has just begun, let’s keep going!

Who’s with me? Oh, Me, Me, Me!

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