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Piece by Piece

April 23, 2021

Blog #203

Piece by Piece...

Like a puzzle, connecting piece by piece until you have the whole picture of your life put together.

Choose your first pieces wisely. Start slowly, putting together your pieces on the outer edges first, and then working your way towards the inner portion of yourself.

Being careful with your feelings, and just putting a parameter around the outside may seem like you are guarded, but hey, you have worked a really long time on making yourself completely whole again. You deserve to take it slow, piece by piece until your outer edges form a perfect square.

Then piece by piece you can start to fill in the middle parts of yourself!

Thinking very carefully which piece you want to choose first to position into place. Which part of yourself do you want to work on first? Make a list of things you want to accomplish in your life, then as you complete each one, choose your next piece to place after that one.

You will find that after you have placed your last and final piece, your puzzle will be complete, you will feel whole again. You can breathe, relax, and take great pride in how you finally completed your puzzle of life!

Life really is like a puzzle. Starting with one simple piece and placing it where it needs to be, is a great accomplishment to starting on your journey of Life!

Have you started or completed your puzzle of life yet? What are you waiting for?

Choose your pieces today and get started on your journey!

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