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Plan your Meals

Blog # 309

Plan your Day!

Plan your meals and shopping lists for the week ahead of time! This will stop you from binge shopping, and buying items you don’t need or want.

It will also keep you focused and keep you on track for your eating plan for the week!

By creating your menu for the week, (especially when you work full-time) it will free up your time in the kitchen after a long day!

You can come home, make your meal, and not worry about either one taking the time to think about what to make, second, actually making sure you have all the ingredients, and three will stop you from getting an unhealthy take-out meal.

When you are losing weight, it is so important to plan your meals so you can stay on track with healthier eating habits.

Plan your meals with the help of your family. You can teach them that healthy eating habits in the planning is where it is at. Maybe you aren’t the only member of your family that needs to lose some weight? Planning out your meals will also help your whole family stay on a health happiness journey together.

You can find out what likes and dislikes you all have. You can plan and make the meals together. It is so much fun to try out new recipes together! It is a family affair in the kitchen. Meals around the dining room table are meant to be fun and nutritious.

Here is my tip for dining in:

Make it a celebration for your mouth. Make it buffet style. Keep your dishes in the kitchen. Serve yourself buffet style (with the right portions) bring your plate to your dining room table. This way you won’t go back for seconds, and the food isn’t on the table right in front of you to take more to your plate.

Stop when you have had enough, this does not have to be when you are full, or stuffed. Take your time when you eat. Chew thoroughly and intentionally. Savor each bite and you will only eat what your body needs!

Planning is the key to staying on your weight loss journey! It is a whole family journey, so make it so!

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