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When Less is Still More - Part II - Tips to stay on track...

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When Less Is More… (Part II)

Tips to stay on track for your own #HealthHappiness – PART II …

When less is more, and you are struggling with the ups and downs of life, wealth, happiness and health, you can lose control of what is really important for you to find your health happiness.

Staying on track through these struggles especially if you have already started your journey is essential for you to stay focused and motivated. When they tell you to not make a mountain out of a mole hill, they weren’t kidding! The uphill climb to get over that mountain is hard, so stick to the little mole hills for now. That mountain looming in the background, you can conquer another day when you are ready.

Be consistent, be focused, be inspired and motivate yourself with some more tips (part II) that you may have never thought of or tried before, (or did and tried and need a reminder) and that will inspire you to stay on track, to try new things, and to give yourself a fresh start:

6) Reward Yourself!

Treat yourself to something new when you reach a weight loss of 5lbs off or more. (Or even for 1 pound – remember what a pound of butter looks like!). Maybe getting a manicure or pedicure is right up your alley, or spending an afternoon with a friend, or just a quiet day to yourself! Think of something you have never done before, but would like to see or do and treat yourself for your successes! You deserve it!

7) Stand up and walk around your desk or office at work throughout the day.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go to the bathroom the furthest one away from your office. Go outside for lunch and walk around your building, or parking lot. Breathe in the fresh air – it does a body good! Or just stand up every few minutes or so and stretch those muscles and brain! You will feel so rejuvenated and ready to take on your work day, or to get through the long afternoon.

8) Record your favorite music playlist on your music devices.

Listen to your favorite songs while you work out to motivate you to get your body moving. Listen to your favorite songs in your car to put you in good spirits to start your day on your way into work, or to relax you on your way home from work. Put those headphones on and listen to your favorite music during the day to block out any stress you may be enduring. Even listening to soothing sounds or a motivational speaker will put you in your happy place and keep you there!

9) Chew Gum, take a breath mint or strip, or take a slug of mouthwash.

After a meal to curb your sweet tooth or appetite is the best time to take a hit! Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste or mouthwash in your drawer at work to refresh yourself and curb off those cravings! At home, keep chewing gum or breath mints on your kitchen counter to grab after a meal. Or brush your teeth. Works for me!

10) Spruce up your ordinary drinking water!

If you have city tap water, like I do, sprucing up the taste of the water is a necessity to keep me hydrated and wanting to drink throughout the day! I make myself (two) 32 oz. jugs of lemon water every day. I add one fresh lemon with agave sweetener and water to my 32 oz. container twice a day for a nice refreshing water treat to keep me hydrated daily. You can add any fruit you like to mix it up a bit, and keep you in the habit of drinking water every day. Your body will Thank You and love you for it!

These five tips are just a sampling of helpful, great, tips you can utilize to help you along your health happiness journey! (Part III in next weeks’ Blog)

Your health happiness started yesterday, and you didn’t even know it! So, wake-up tomorrow with a new sense of purpose you didn’t even realize you had, and get on that life-time, long-time journey your body is aching for, and that your mind is telling you that you need to go on today!

What are you waiting for? Always Choose YOU!

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