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Trying to get over that hump??

It's been a month, and you still can't seem to get over that hump? Does it feel more like a mountain? Will you ever reach that goal? That Milestone? That health happiness?

If you are struggling with that hurdle, and you want to just jump over that cliff, don't hit the panic button just yet! Rescue is on the way ...

That rope dangling over your head is just inches away from reaching you! It may take a day, a week, a month, but guaranteed, you will reach it, and you will be pulled up. Your hero will come to rescue you because that hero is "YOU"! All you have to do is follow these 10 steps:

  • Listen to advice and act on it!

  • Start cooking some "kick-ass" healthy recipes!

  • Take one day at a time.

  • Reflect on your goals on a daily basis.

  • Log-In Every Day, No Exceptions!

  • Exercise 10 minutes a day

  • Change your Eating habits

  • Talk to your enablers

  • Put yourself first!

  • Never say you can't do it!

I know, I know - it is so easy to type motivation into words, but to gain that momentum and motivation in the real world can be really tough. Been there, done that, countless times! That hump can be anything really. Losing that last ten pounds, increasing that walk to two miles, exercising more than once a week, trying a new healthy recipe, starting that first day of exercising, finding time for you. Everyone has a hurdle they are trying to jump over at some point in their lives. It is how you climb over that hurdle, how you take those steps, that really matters. Reaching the top will happen, how you take the journey to get there is what is important.

Your end Goal is just as important as your starting goal. It may seem like you will never get there, and impatience may start to settle in. But don't let it! Any thing worth waiting for takes time and patience. Find some new motivations in your life! If one goal is not working out for you right now, find a new one!

Distract yourself from the life around you, by focusing on what is really important to you. Are your goals unrealistic for you? Do you need a new approach for motivation? Are you trying to accomplish to much at one time? Are you listening to bad advice? There is so much information out there right now, how does anyone possibly decide what is right for them? Will we ever make sense of it all? The answer is YES WE WILL!

Find a plan that works for you. No two people are the same, what works for one person, may not work for the rest of us. You are unique, you are you, your plan is yours and yours alone. Share your progress, share what works for you, share your motivations and your goals.

Self reflect, Self praise, Self congratulate, You are only one self - Rejoice in the fact that you are you, you are one mold, you are a gift, you are worth it, you matter...

Hump Day? What's That???

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