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Finding Home Again...

Finding home again.

Finding your place in this world, when you are overweight, depressed and unhappy can be a real life daily struggle for a lot of people. They may not show this side of themselves to the outside world, but on the inside, they are hurting big time.

It feels like being stuck in a cocoon, waiting to emerge into the world as a new person, but it never happens. The overwhelming feeling of wanting to fit in, to emerge as that beautiful butterfly is so powerful, that day to day functioning is sometimes non-existent.

The loss of happiness, and pleasure and excitement feels out of grasp for some, that one day just falls into the next in a blur. Feeling hopeless and unloved, is so blinding that the health happiness journey they want to take becomes so far out of reach, so far into the distance, that their whole existence of being who they so desperately want to become is unattainable.

Finding that inner peace and hope for some takes a life-changing event. We sometimes just need to hit rock bottom, before we can rise out of our hole and start over.

Events from the past, that we are still holding on to, keeps us at a stale mate to move forward. We may have thought we were over the hurt and pain from the past. People that may have caused us pain are still causing us to live in that time warp. We have masked the pain, and have convinced ourselves that we are past it, that we have forgiven, that we have moved on. But the truth is, the pain is still sitting there right below the surface. We are so unaware of its presence, that until something tragic happens in our lives, to bring them full-circle again we just get by day to day, unaware of what is brewing inside us.

Falling to the breaking point for some is the only way, to re-surface that pain and learn how to deal with it once and for all. Until we can meet what’s causing our pain head on, we will be constantly living in that loop of failure over and over again. Once that breaking point is reached, whether from a death in the family, a crime being committed, or a life-changing event can we finally come out of our shell, get the help we need and finally move on. We can finally become that whole person again. That cocoon we have been living in will peel away layer by layer, and that hope we thought we lost is back in full-force just waiting for us to change into that beautiful butterfly everyone knew we could become.

Faith, Love and Hope has returned to our lives once again. Taking that first step towards healing and breaking out of that dark hole we have been living in is a life-changer. Your new lease on life has emerged. You feel energized with a whole new sense of purpose you didn’t think you would ever find again.

Starting a new day with a new you is finally within reach, and oh what a relief it is! Finding something new to focus on, taking a new journey, following a different path feels so good, so attainable. Try a new career, start a blog, look at your family and friends in a brand-new light again. Find the right tools and find innovative ways to reach your health happiness. Once you have moved forward, you will never want to go backwards again.

And after a while you will begin to wonder, what took you so long in the first place to find home again…

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