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Been There, Done That!

Been there, done that!

If this is your motto, then welcome to the "BTDT" club! It is a club we would all like to "not" be a member of! How many times have we heard that expression or been a member of the club in our life time? Ten times, twenty times, one time? What's the point, if we keep trying the same things over an over and not getting anywhere expecting different results?

So often, we keep finding new and improved ways to cheat ourselves into becoming healthier and happier individuals, that we lose sight of the ways we have already tried that actually worked! Time to re-think people! Instead of trying to continually find new and improved ideas, suggestions or ways to get to our health happiness journey quicker, we need to focus on a slower approach. We need to re-think what we thought were our outdated motivations and outdated methods of achieving our goals, and think the "old",old is the "new" old.

The old motto of try, try and try again comes to mind. Don't give-up if something that helped you before, doesn't seem to help you out this time. Go back and re-think what got you motivated in the first place. Our goals should not be quick fixes. They take time to reach. For some only a short time, for others a year (or more). The time frame isn't what's important , it's how you are reaching that end goal you were aiming for in the first place that's the most important.

If you need to weigh and measure your food portions, then do it. If you tried this in the past, and you gave up, or you thought it was taking up too much of your time, then think of new ways to do this. You don't have to be consistently weighing and measuring everything you put into your mouth. If you have been on your health happiness journey for awhile now, then you are already a pro at eyeing your portions. Keep that deck of cards in the back of your mine for your protein portions. Remember the plate portions. Find yourself some new and improved tools for your kitchen. Get that spiralizer tool and see what amazing new recipes you can make, with tons of less calories and carbohydrates to satisfy your palette!

If you have successfully lost weight in the past, but then re-gained some of it back, then the "been there, done that" motto applies. Look for a healthier and "doable/livable" way to lose the weight and keep it off. Follow these 5 simple rules ( I live by everyday):

... Eat the rainbow, the more colors, the more nutrients.

... Cook from scratch, control what goes into your food.

... Roast your veggies, get tons more flavors.

... Use different textures, crunchy or smooth.

... Make it beautiful, we eat with our eyes first.

Don't get so caught up in what all the info-commercials, and health and fitness gurus are trying to tell you about what works for weight loss. You already know this! Portion control, eating fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Increase your protein. Limit your carbohydrate, sugar and Fat intakes. Drink that water! Stay on your set calorie goals each day. Log in everyday what you ate, no exceptions!

Exercise, exercise, exercise! Just 10 to 20 minutes a day of some type of movement helps! Anything to get your juices flowing! Keeping a diary also helps. Writing down on a daily basis, your thoughts and moods around your eating and motivation, helps to give you a clearer picture of your goals, what works for you and what doesn't, what triggers your eating patterns and what keeps you on track.

Most importantly it helps you keep a clear focus of why you want to reach your health happiness journey in the first place, to become a healthier, happier, fit YOU!

If you have tried different weight loss diets in the past, and they didn't work for you, maybe it is time to re-think your weight loss goals. Weight loss is for a lifetime, it is a lifestyle change, not a temporary goal, that you throw away each time it doesn't work. You need to think of weight loss as a forever career change. As a long-time, life-time, successful eating lifestyle.

Say goodbye to the Been There, Done That Rainy Day Blues, and say hello to the I CAN DO THIS, I AM WORTH IT, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP bright sunny days ahead! I'm with you!!

Believe and say YES I CAN....

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